0.7 Beta Patch Notes

Our next patch addresses feedback we received in the previous testing sessions: the ability to fire your weapon anytime it is equipped. Previously it required you to aim to fire, now if you have the weapon equipped you can fire it without aiming first. Aiming has received a bit of a bump in accuracy along with an increase in FOV/zooming while aiming still makes it more practical if you want to hit your target. Inventory use was changed slightly and will block firing if you have an item selected in your inventory.

Along with these changes crouching received a few animation updates and you can now fire while crouched with a weapon out and can now move while aiming as well.

Along with these changes we made a few other smaller adjustments and fixed a few bugs. Sprinting should last a bit longer now, adjusted down npc movement rates to match the player, knives should hit your target a bit easier, closing the backpack window with escape, plus a handful of other smaller changes.


  • NPC movement rates are now the same as player movement rates for both standard and sprint movement.
  • NPCs have new animations.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would fire before properly aiming.


  • You can now move around when aiming in crouch. The crouch animations also have been replaced for both primary and secondary weapons with strafing, backward enabled animations instead of the 360 degree turning that was going on before if not aiming.
  • Added a slew of new animations for movement with weapons equipped.


  • Improved Shockgun particles.
  • Improved mine explosion particles.


  • Sprint now drains stamina 33% slower than was previously the case, allowing you to sprint for longer.
  • Sprint while crouching should now move 25% faster, it isn’t a huge gain so it might not be as noticeable as running.
  • Aiming now automatically disables sprinting so that it will not continue to drain stamina.
  • Fixed a network related issue with weapons that would result in them not properly running post load setup for other players on the server at times.
  • Fixed a bug related to calculating scores for vehicle based kills.

User Interface

  • Using inventory items now works by having them selected and using the left mouse button. If you have a weapon out or not it will use the item as long as it is selected instead of firing.
  • Gamepad users can now press the DPAD left to select toggle between inventory action slots (grenades/utility items). You can press the DPAD right to Select Melee weapon.
  • Keyboard users who wish to use the Cycle Inventory option described above can do so with the ‘]’ key.
  • Switching weapons (ex: 1,2,3 keys) now automatically equips that weapon even if you had no weapon currently armed.
  • You can now use escape to close down the backpack window when it is open.


  • You now dismount further away from vehicles.
  • You can now immediately mount a vehicle after dismounting if you prefer. This is to fix rare cases where you may be stuck inside of an object.
  • Improved vehicle collision.
  • Crosshairs should now automatically switch back and forth to the proper crosshairs when mounting or dismounting a vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing ramming damage to do 0 damage in many cases.


  • You can now attack when a weapon is equipped without aiming. You will get a crosshair like before. Primary and Secondary weapons have a new set of animations with the weapon drawn and aiming. You will do the normal strafe and moving backwards when in this mode now. You can also now fire in this mode. Firing when jumping is not yet supported, but it hopefully will be in a future patch. You can aim still while flying though to attack when using a jetpack, but cannot fire normally when flying using a jetpack.
  • Attacks are now more accurate when players are in aim mode, as opposed to free movement mode. This is configurable per weapon so some items will see more benefit than others. We have also made some adjustments to spread during this process.
  • You can now shoot mines to detontate them.
  • Shockguns received a number of upgrades including a small damage boost and range reduction, as well as improved particles.
  • Increased spread of laser weapons somewhat, though they are still very accurate weapons.
  • Mines will no longer stick on doors, instead they will fall to the ground beneath it.
    Increased the hit radius of knives so that they will do a better job of striking crouching players.
  • Mines now have a knockback effect.