Weekly Patch 4: Full speed ahead!

Hello, it's that time of the week again.

Firstly, we'd like to address that we're working hard on getting localization into the game! We're getting community translations soon, and shortly after that - official translations! The languages that will be coming in this first pass are:
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Almost there... 几乎完成...

Secondly, thank you to everyone who is actively participating in the beta branch! Your feedback and bug finding is indispensable! For those not in the know- Yes, we have a beta branch. Read more about it here

It's been real busy for us and we're working as fast as we can! So fast there's an After Image (good joke!). On to the patch notes:

Letterboxing is now hidden behind an experimental flag as it's too buggy for prime time. To enable it, add the word "true" on a new line at the end of your info.displayconfig file.

  • Adding new relic Darkstone Periapt.
  • Adding new relic Frozen Eye.
  • Adding new relic War Paint.

UI and Effects
  • Clumsy curse now has the Ethereal keyword.
  • Energy icon is no longer rendered if a card is Unknown.
  • Hidden achievements (Steam) are now properly hidden in the in-game Statistics screen.
  • Post combat saving returns!
  • When changing Settings that require you to restart, the message is now rendered above everything + gets a black box behind it.

  • Added a special RNG that is utilized for a few relics so they give consistent results if you load a save.
  • Bloodletting card buffed.
  • Calculated Gamble card nerfed.
  • Common relics now have a base of cost 150 (previously 200)
  • Shop relics now have a base cost of 200 (previously 150)
  • Discerning Monocle is deprecated until it gets a new effect.
  • Discerning Monocles price reduction is now an additional effect on the Courier relic.
  • Level 3 Elite, Nemesis has been reworked.
  • Multiple small changes to the Level 2 Boss, Champ.
  • Neow now uses an RNG + save occurs when entering Neow's room.
  • Nloth now appears in the City instead of the Exordium.
  • Orrery is a boss relic again.

Bug Fixes
  • Added a period at the end of Regen potion's description.
  • Adding number formatting (commas) to large numbers you see when facing the heart.
  • Adrenaline finally gets a period at the end of its description.
  • After Image card's large portrait now renders.
  • Boss victory music now plays when loading a game that is the rewards screen for a boss.
  • Bottled Lightning and Bottled Flame icons no longer appear during combat.
  • Capitalizing the word 'Skill' for Escape Plan's description.
  • Debug hotkeys for screenshake were exposed, oops. Fixed.
  • Eternal Feather grammatical fix.
  • Evolve should no longer trigger even if No Draw power is active.
  • Fix rare crash with Feed card.
  • Fixed odd crash in Neow room.
  • Fixed rare crash for Dark Shackles card.
  • Fixed rare crash for Heavy Blade.
  • Fixed rare crash for HeelHook card.
  • Fixed rare crash for Opening Action (again).
  • Fixed rare crash in Achievements when manipulated.
  • Fixed rare crash with game deck glow + fixed offset for its particles.
  • Fixed typo where a quote mark was blue for match and keep event.
  • Fixing typos for Ancient Tea Set's flavor description.
  • Fixing up quote typos in Wheel of Change event.
  • Fixing up some issues with loading into Neow room save.
  • Forgotten altar displays correct HP loss for the Silent now.
  • Incorrectly using wavy text in JAX event fixed.
  • Pantograph no longer heals double on Donu and Deca boss.
  • Removing two incorrect game tips about ? rooms and Elites.
  • The word "Status" was not showing up for status cards in large card view. Fixed.

  • Font glyphs are now created on the fly, improving load times.

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