This weeks challenges and future community skin

Hello Humans,

Your present collecting skills show no signs of slowing down.
So this weekend you have the opportunity to unlock more skin for all of the Steam Community to have.

Today sees you gathering presents for the Knight

We're not going to show you Saturday's or Sunday's skin just yet, but just know that neither will need saving nor swashbuckling lessons.

Also, thank you for all of your suggestions for the community skins.
One has been chosen and we want you to help pick the second one.
This coming Saturday on our twitter account @HumanFallFlat, you will find a poll going up live at 7pm BST.
This is your chance to choose which of the four skins will be our second Community Skin.

Edit: The poll can be found HERE

Also while you are there, drop us a follow to keep up to date on all news regarding Human: Fall Flat.

Tomas Sakalauskas