0.6 Beta Patch Notes

The 0.6 beta patch focuses heavily on changes based on player feedback. It adds sprinting, mouse sensitivity, audio improvements, stamina, and a slew of other tweaks and bug fixes.

As a reminder if you would like to help participate in beta testing you can apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScfOLB3pBRuuE7GtqbsDubYRKE9fux-Kp81flF_YourNUU62Q/viewform


  • Fixed a network related issue that was not hiding NPC name tags on death.
  • Fixed a bug in the kill tracking code that could sometimes error during the death sequence on NPCs.


  • Added a sound effect to Rocket projectiles themselves so that you can hear them as they whizz by.
  • Added new breathing sounds which play when you get low on stamina. The louder the breathing the more winded you are (lower stamina).
  • Audio Spatialization and Concurrency improvements. This covers gunshot sounds, reloading, and more.
  • Footstep sounds now play properly with all weapon configurations.
  • Fixed pain audio not playing when a bot is damaged.


  • Poisonous as particles should now be visible at all particle effect quality settings. In addition to this their LOD was optimized.
  • Sped up pickup animations by roughly 20%.


  • The teleport power up location in the indoor map has been moved further away from the turret so that players won’t teleport into turret fire.
  • Focus Stims and Medical Pills are now more common on both maps.


  • Players now have stamina. This will drain when you sprint.
  • Player turn rate is now instant instead of lerping it out, you still have the lean animation, but you will turn on a dime now making it a lot easier to move more precisely.
  • Increased pickup trigger distance by about 25%.
  • Increased angle to target on pickup so it will be a bit more loose when selecting the pickup from those in range.
  • You can now jump with a jetpack. Hold down the spacebar to start using the jetpack.
  • Reduced falling damage.
  • You can no longer step up on a crouching player, it will bounce you now if you try.
  • Removed some debugging functionality which had been left in the client for testing.
  • Repaired an issue which allowed players to be killed while in the waiting lobby.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing players to drop all of their inventory when they disconnected, even if they were already dead and had previously dropped them.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur in some cases when dropping ammunition.


  • Optimized jet pack particles.


  • Significantly reduced turret damage.

User Interface

  • Added a mouse sensitivity slider to the Options.
  • If you attempt to switch your primary or secondary slotted weapon from the backpack while you already have a weapon equipped it will now stow the current weapon and then do the switch automatically. Previously it required you to manually stow before it would allow you to do this.
  • You can now hold the Shift Key to sprint.
  • Added a new help display with all the current input controls.
  • Added a new stamina display just under the health bar.
  • Progress bars in the UI now have a smooth fill on them.
  • Added an indicator to remind players that they can hold shift when pressing inventory slot buttons to drop the item to the ground from the backpack window.
  • Added version information just below the map.


  • Vehicles can now ram players, flinging them backwards and delivering a high amount of damage.


  • Non projectile weapons now check if the weapon is protruding and will cause it to hit whatever it is protruding through instead of firing through it.
  • Non projectile weapons now do a proper muzzle check to make sure due to the 3rd person angle you aren’t firing through doors or objects due to the camera check versus a muzzle check.
  • Projectile weapons now do a protruding check as well and not fire through if they are blocked.
  • Rocket Launcher and Homing Rocket Launcher Projectile now has no gravity, it will fire straight now.
  • Grenade Launcher now has a higher firing velocity and less gravity making it a bit easier to fire it shorter and larger distances. It also should explode on contact like the Mine Launcher does.
  • Mine Launcher now has the same velocity and gravity settings as the grenade launcher so they fire the same. The explosion damage was increased as well to make them a bit more useful beyond setting traps.
  • Mines from the mine launcher and det grenade no longer disappear after some time, they will stay put the whole match.
  • Projectiles should no longer be blocked by player corpses.
  • Removed a few checks on client side calls for weapon firing that wasn’t needed as it passed the server check.
  • Updated laser effects to properly take into effect the changes made to check for aiming through walls.