The Beta Branch Arrives…

Hey everyone,

We're working on some early features and content but they aren't quite ready for prime time just yet.

If you want to help us out by becoming a BETA TEST WARRIOR, you would do us a huge favor in ensuring that our weekly patches go smoothly and testing out new features and content.

To participate, simply open Properties and go to the "betas" tab. There will be an option to opt into the beta branch.

The beta is full of wacky and changing things. New builds will be pushed frequently, there will be new content with unfinished art, cards that seem too strong, enemies that slay you instantly, and spoilers. On that topic, when discussing beta content and issues we kindly ask you to do so in the Beta Discussions section of the forums or the Beta Discussions channel within the official Discord channel.

What's Different?
  • New content that needs to be tested for balance and "interestingness".
  • Features that need to be tested for stability and quality.
  • Community translations as official translations will be behind during Early Access.
  • Any and all content that will be pushed to the Weekly Patch.
  • Any and all bug fixes that will be pushed to the Weekly Patch.

Unlike the weekly patches, there won't be a notice every time we push a build. We'll just be cranking out builds so expect chaos and broken things.
However, there will always be patch notes in-game.

For those that are interested by the sound of this, I thank you in advance and I'll see you in the Discord channel![]