The Rogue Update

The time has come, and the Rogue is here! She is charming, she is funny, she is deadly with the bow and wit. Voiced by insanely talented Rachael Messer she is ready to end the Archdemon.

Arrow and dagger
Of course, her core mechanic differs from pushy Warrior's and bookish Mage's playstyles. She uses her trustworthy bow for the main attack and has an impressive range. She can hit anything she sees (and sometimes stuff she doesn't see so careful there unless you don't mind angry goats charging at you from shadows with arrows sticking from their bottoms).

However, as always, there is a fine print here. Her arrows, unlike Mage's bolts, do collide with monsters other than the intended target. This means that picking the remote target in a melee can be tricky. Until she finds a card that makes her arrows pierce enemies and split... But that's a different story.

And since we are on the topic of melee. Bows are useless in close range, which is why Rogue switches to dagger when an enemy gets close and personal. Once it gets to this, things are probably going pretty bad, but she has a few neat tricks just for such an occasion.

Speaking from a strictly gameplay point of view, when at least one enemy gets into melee range the bow becomes unusable and Rogue switches to close range melee attacks. The melee mode is indicated by the red circle around the Rogue. Until it's empty of monsters, the bow is off the table. It's worth mentioning though, that some cards have special effects on monsters in melee range so sometimes it might be worth intentionally getting close and personal with a zombie.

The Rogue Update
Those of you who helped us in debugging and polishing her on the test branch will be happy to know that there are new spell effects in this update so there is a reason for you to check her out again :-) Most of your feedback that was not yet addressed in recent smaller updates got addressed in this update. Thank you for bravely facing bugs and imbalances, without your help we couldn't have polished her to the current state :paperheart:

What now, eh?
With this addition of the final hero to our party, we can begin our march toward the launch. We will be regularly checking off things from the roadmap and we will be more active in the marketing department reaching out to media and new players with each update. Can't wait :paperdeath: but it has to be done if we want to generate buzz for launch. Anyway, it's time to talk about the roadmap.

The Rogue Update

The Final shape of the Roadmap

Below are the content updates that we are planning before the launch. At this point we are freezing feature list, meaning that our urge to include new features will have to be kept under control. Without doing so we wouldn't be able to have more or less fixed dates for updates and plan marketing efforts accordingly.

Now for the roadmap itself. There are no dates but all this will happen more or less in that order and we are planning to exit early access in the second half of 2018.

  • Rogue Live - We are here!
  • Cursed Sarcophagi + Spatial Sound Update - a special kind of Sarcophagi for those who dare take the risk. And yes, you read that right, spatial stereo sound in the dungeon (currently everything is flat center).
  • Mac Support + Minimap Update - Due to popular demand we will be adding minimap and the update will come at the same time as Mac support
  • Quest Mastering + Archdemon Fight - This one will include the ability to use golden keys to fight through quest levels again at higher difficulties for better rewards and an overhaul of the whole Archdemon level and fight (extra duck included).
  • Tobii Support + Speedrun to Cook Update - Ever wanted to play Book of Demons with your gaze? With Tobii Eyetracker you will be able to. Plus a new mode and leaderboard are coming in that update - how fast can you get to the first boss?
  • Challenge Mode Update - Generate custom levels and challenge your friends to beat them in an offline competitive mode!
  • Sounds + Languages Update - This update will include all remaining sounds in the game. We will also proofread and include community translations into the game at this point.
  • Launch Day Update - New cards. As always we plan to go with quality over quantity so expect a couple of new cards meshing nicely with pre-existing mechanics.

There are other minor mechanics and additions that we will distribute among the bigger updates but those are the most important things. And, of course, the updates are not going to stop with the release of the game.

Changelog for this build
Version 0.90.14720+ 11th December 2017
  • Rogue class is now available (this point wraps a million fixes and tweaks from the last two months which won't be pasted below for brevity's sake)
  • Major balance changes to Catacombs
  • Achievement Highway to hell footprints number lowered to 200 000 (was 1 000 000)
  • Added special effects for boss' card block removal
  • Minor tweaks to Antipope level layout
  • Fixed frozen flail damage being too high (was 3 instead of 2)
  • Fixed interruptor achievement to count also effects of spell cards
  • Visual tweaks to spider's web lobbed attack
  • Fixed a soft lock when clicking on heart scroll and then choosing health point on level up screen
  • Fixed level with cursed chest being regenerated if it was saved with the chest open (so no more gold farming, sorry :))
  • Added Devanagari block in TTF fonts (support for Hindi, Marathi, Sindhi, Nepali, and Sanskrit)
  • Controller: Consistent handling of B button as back in all windows
  • Fixed a bug where loading a game saved during a spell effect would end the effect
  • Fixed one of the snake bosses movement pattern to snake movement (was regular walking)
  • Fixed text embedded sprites not fading smoothly with the rest of the text
  • Fixed lava jet timer not stopping when menu was open resulting in ultimate over 9000 eruptions on closing the menu
  • Epic arrow drop sprite redone for better readability
  • Rephrased casting tutorials to be more consistent
  • Rephrased fire/ice weapon tooltips to be more consistent
  • Boss health/stage bar now will disappear when controller target selector is north of player position to make picking casters easier
  • Changelog window can now be closed by clicking anywhere outside of it
  • Healer's vial pickup range increased and auto pickup on controller input added
  • Controller: Reworked identify and charge windows to be more controller friendly
  • Controller: pressing left thumb will now toggle loot highlight in dungeons
  • Controller: charged cards won't be used by accident anymore
  • Controller: pressing right thumb resets the target selector back to player's position
  • Controller: unified scrolling functions under left thumb
  • Controller: target pointer rendering and movement tweaked. Picking targets should be more intuitive now
  • Steam Controller: controller text input should work in all suitable text fields now
  • Controller: changed buttons' functions in menus. Should be more consistent now.
  • Steam Controller: exported new mapping with new actions.

The Rogue Update
In other news, by popular vote, we are in top100 best indie games of this year and the top one in Hack'n'Slash category. I know you organized in the forums to vote for Book of Demons :paperheart: Thank you for your support, we appreciate it a lot!

Right now we are in the final round of voting, so if you would be so cool to give us the final push now would be the best time! (Book of Demons in under the Hack'n'Slash category).

Stay safe in the dungeons :archduck: