Over 3 Million!!!!

Hello Humans,

And a massive festive cheer, you've all managed to collect over 3 million presents since the Steam Holiday Event started.
So to celebrate every day from 5pm GMT, you all have the chance to unlock a new item for the whole community to enjoy.
Today's item is the Firefighters skin, will you be able to calm your fiery passions enough to deliver 100,000 present?
If you do, this Skin will be unlocked for all Steam users to enjoy.

Also, we need your help.
We want YOU to help decide what the final two skins that you may unlock will be.
If you head over to the forums now we have a new post set up, reply with your idea in there, you have until 10th of December 11.59pm GMT to do so.
We will then chose two skins for you all to try and unlock before the end of the Steam Holiday Event.
If your skin gets chosen, you may get a special surprise (more info in the forum post).

So what are you waiting for, deliver those present and give us your ideas for skins you would like to see.

Tomas Sakalauskas