Automation Upgrade Preview Available!

Hello friends!

We've been hard at work refining the game, trying to make the next logical move, and after 4 weeks and several minor soldering burns, we've got something! Presenting: The Automation Upgrade. With the inevitable discovery of refined metals, the Duplicants have set their sights on upgraded base automation, and even have begun trying to build their own supercomputer using nothing but logic gates.

If you're interested, you can help us test this new content for the next two weeks before the update goes live. As always, we appreciate your feedback!

What does this preview contain so far?

The following content is available in the Automation Upgrade preview:
  • New Automation Overlay
  • Automation wiring and inputs on existing buildings
  • Automate liquid, gas, and temperature sensors which replace the power switches
  • Automated manual, time-of-day, and floor sensors
  • Automated Power Shutoffs
  • Automated Liquid and Gas Shutoffs
  • AND, OR, XOR, NOT and BUFFER Gates
  • Mini Liquid and Gas Pumps
  • Duplicant Checkpoints
  • Rock Granulator
  • Metal Refinery
  • Pure metal Electrical Wires
  • Metal Tiles
  • Thermo-Shift Plate
  • Fire Pole
  • New Ruins setpieces
Check the patch notes[] for the most up-to-date changes!

Check out the post on the official forums for more details:

How do I play the open testing build?

Just switch your branch on Steam using the instructions below:
  • In Steam, click on Library > Games.
  • Scroll down to Oxygen Not Included.
  • Right-click and select Properties.
  • Go to the BETAS tab.
  • In the dropdown, select the name of the branch you want to play. In this case, the branch name is "automation_upgrade_preview"
    • This branch does not require a password.
  • In that same Properties window, go to the Local Files tab and press "Verify
  • Integrity Of Game Cache."
  • Your game will be updated to the the previous branch.
  • Launch and play Oxygen Not Included

That's it! We hope you'll enjoy this preview of what's to come, and thank-you for your help testing out the new Upgrade!

Automation Upgrade Preview Available!