Welcome to Dreamland

Ever feel like someone’s watching you eat? Do you dream? Could you describe the strangest bird you ever saw? Do your dreams ever repeat? When did you last hear static over the phone? Have you ever dreamt of rain clouds in the desert?

Making games is sweet. It’s also spicy, sharp, and a little bit crunchy. If you think about it, great games are kind of like the orange chicken you get from that Chinese place down the block. That’s why Topstitch Games is installing a huge glass window in front of the kitchen.

Take a sneak peek at Dreamland, the second zone in Treadnauts! Bouncy weather balloons and heavy wrecking balls are in the mix. Jump, swing, and boop them with your shots—they’re great for putting something between you and danger!

Of course, wrecking balls were designed to wreck, and we’re here to deliver. You can shoot red chains to free wrecking balls from their tether, sending them crashing down on your friends. You can untether balloons the same way. Look at those faces! They want to be free!

For more updates on Dreamland, keep it tuned to Treadnauts right here on Steam.