Thursday multiplayer update: Hit the deck for Aztec

Hello Humans,

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally come – multiplayer beta testers can now play the entire game online with their friends.

Yep, from the opening to the Aztec, all of Human: Fall Flat is unlocked for online multiplayer. We’re going to leave this build with you guys for a few weeks before we push the mode public, so please do continue to try to play the game in as many unexpected ways as possible.

A couple of other tweaks to tell you about:
  • Holding TAB in multiplayer will now show you the player names
  • Reload checkpoint in the pause menu is enabled for clients, respawning only their characters
  • Added “lock level” option in the lobby settings to prevent someone accidentally progressing to the next level
We’ve also added some new chat commands:
  • / list – displays a list of players in the game
  • / mute – N – mutes/unmutes the player with number N
  • / kick N – kicks the player (only works if you’re the host)
I do hope you enjoy. Once we’ve ironed out any subsequent issues, we’ll be pushing this to public BETA and then to the full release, so expect more and more Humans to be online over the coming weeks.

Next for us? Well, now we’ve figured out online multiplayer, we’re looking at ways of giving you more content. Oh, and a Festive treat, too.

Until next time,

Tomas Sakalauskas

How to access the multiplayer mode beta
• Open Steam
• Highlight Human: Fall Flat in your library
• Right-click and select “Properties”
• Hit the “Betas” tab
• Enter the code: “OnlineMultiplayer” into the black box and select “check code”
• Select the Multiplayer beta from the drop-down menu
• Your game should now automatically update
• Enjoy!