Thursday multiplayer update: You’ve got the power (plant)

Hello Humans, and welcome to this week’s multiplayer update - which today unlocks the Power Plant level.

A couple of wider updates debut in this build – we’ve enabled the in-game shell, which can be accessed by hitting ` (top left key). Feel free to tinker with the commands, which can be viewed by typing "?" [enter]. If you’re struggling with specific context for an individual command, type "?" followed by the command name to see its usage.

We’ve also bumped fog control from the comma and period keys into the free-roam camera.

As ever, have fun with this build – but do expect the occasional issue. We’re aiming for full, public release of online multiplayer towards the end of this month.


Tomas Sakalauskas


How to access the multiplayer mode beta
• Open Steam
• Highlight Human: Fall Flat in your library
• Right-click and select “Properties”
• Hit the “Betas” tab
• Enter the code: “OnlineMultiplayer” into the black box and select “check code”
• Select the Multiplayer beta from the drop-down menu
• Your game should now automatically update
• Enjoy!