Do Not Feed the Monkeys


Do Not Feed The Monkeys is a unique digital voyeur simulator.

Now that you’ve been accepted by “The Primate Observation Club” you can invade the privacy of dozens of strangers and witness their most intimate moments while you make your living. Progress in the Club and don’t forget its number one rule: do not interact with the spied specimens. Do Not Feed The Monkeys.

Browse social networks, wikis, websites, newspapers, online stores… and use chat and email tools. Once you’ve got information about the spied people… will you intercede in the name of justice, will you sabotage their dreams, or will you sit idly by while the world burns?

Whatever you do (or don’t do) will have consequences!



  • MONITOR hacked surveillance cameras
  • PRY INTO the lives of dozens of subjects
  • INTERACT (or not!) with fun, sad, horrific, surprising, dramatic, or sci-fi themed narratives
  • DECIDE THE FATE of the subjects: will you help them? Will you expose their most intimate secrets?
  • BROWSE social networks profiles, wikis, websites, newspapers, online stores… Use chat logs, email tools and more!
  • MANAGE your resources: will you spend all your savings on buying more “cages”, or will pay rent? Are you healthy enough to work? How many sleepless nights can you stand before collapsing from exhaustion?
  • REPLAY to experience different climactic endings



“The Primate Observation Club” is not a wildlife conservation society as the name would suggest. It is a front for a shadowy group used to watch others through surveillance cameras and compromised webcams. Tired of your ramshackle apartment, dull existence and boring jobs, you’re accepted into the exclusive organization, so you can pry into the privacy of the “caged monkeys” as they go about their lives…

The Club urges you to not interfere with those observed, though you need to progress in it to access the mythical “Big Primate Cage”. But… will you resist? Will you help those you’re spying on, extort them, expose them, or will you follow instructions and just watch?

Whatever you decide to do, or not do, there will be consequences!


Development Backstory

With “Do Not Feed the Monkeys”, Fictiorama Studios approaches a relevant, controversial, newsworthy issue: our natural tendency to snooping vs. the moral limits and the right to privacy. In order to approach this matter, Fictiorama decided to go with a gameplay that allows the player to watch dozens of hacked cameras, some of them placed inside homes themselves… and pry into the lives of the spied people.  In fact, one of Fictiorama’s source of inspiration are websites like and apps like LiveCams Pro, that share the streams of hundreds of unprotected surveillance cameras worldwide, placed in malls, nature backgrounds, warehouses, libraries… and even homes!

To make the gameplay more intense and immersive, Fictiorama added some moral elements and resources management mechanics, so that players can approach gameplay through several ways:

  • According to the player’s motivation: as a mere “voyeur” or interacting with the observed subjects.
  • According to the player’s moral choices: helping or harming the people who are being observed.
  • According to their strategy: focusing on resource management or narrative interaction.

Thus, “Do Not Feed the Monkeys” mixes different mechanics, “Rear Window” meets “The Life of Others” meets “Papers Please”


Do Not Feed the Monkeys Do Not Feed the Monkeys Do Not Feed the Monkeys Do Not Feed the Monkeys Do Not Feed the Monkeys Do Not Feed the Monkeys