The Rise of Hindenbork

The Rise Of Hindenbork Changelog:

Gameplay Changes

  • Changed dependencies of character unlocks
  • New couch co-op functionality

New Content

  • New mission
  • New boss
  • New enemy
  • New upgrades

New Content

New Mission

The new mission starts right after the defeat of Hector von Garg. Contrary to the missions before, players will encounter a linear, designed level, in which only the middle part is generated procedurally. Beginning and End of the level are designed by Schmitty and Vincent – including events, like the voice-overs of the hideous hobgoblin Hindenbork.

The Hindenbork – BOSS

The Hindenbork is the most recent creation of Ubertinker Kranz. While working on long range goop-carrier missiles, he also developed a new kind of Vehicle. The Hindenbork-Class Gunship was the attempt to create a flying battleship.
Kranz’ Prototype was named after its captain, Commodore Hanz-Sebastian Hindenbork, a naval officer and former war hero of Ravensdale. The prototype’s construction was completed only days before the Rogue Stormers large-scale offensive on the heart for Ravensdale, who called the gunship simply “The Gimp Blimp”.

Fire Orc

Outfitted with the ability to heal in a fire, armed with a long-range flamethrower and defended by heavy armor and defensive shielding, the Fire Orc is a very tough opponent to beat.
His main weapons provide him with enough firepower to rival even Prestos flaming inferno. And his armor can take a heavy punch – essentially turning this elite enemy into a literal hum… orcish tank! Luckily this orc is only employed by Commodore Hindenbork and has never been seen without his commander. Until now…

Changes in gameplay.

On May 19th we will update Rogue Stormers with new content – i.e. the new level that Schmitty and Vincent built. But they did much more…
Apart from the level they also implemented some gameplay changes to Rogue Stormers. The first change concerns the main characters and the unlock conditions. The second is related to couch co-op features.

Character unlocks depend on money collection

Unlocking all characters was one of the issues people had with Rogue Stormers. To have access to all characters in the game, you had to complete one walkthrough. It was intended to be challenging. But we see that we might have overdone it a bit.
So we decided to change the unlock condition. Instead of defeating all bosses to unlock all characters, we changed it to collecting a total of 5000 gold pieces. For the details, see the list below.

  • Presto: Collect a total of 500 gold pieces
  • Camille: Collect a total of 1,200 gold pieces
  • Stabbygale: Collect a total of 3,000 gold pieces
  • El Cazador: Collect a total of 5,000 gold pieces

New Couch Co-op Functionality

The other thing we changed was how you collect XP in couch co-op. Until now only player one would be able to earn Experience Points. The other players – i.e. characters in one account – wouldn’t get any. But we realize that it was frustrating for many players. For one because couch co-op turned out to seem less rewarding than online co-op. It also meant a lot of grinding to reach the max level with each character. This update change this so every character in a co-op game will earn XP and level up individually. And before you ask: No! You won’t get four times the XP if you play with a squadron of Brechts. The Rise of Hindenbork

17 New Upgrades

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