Fitness Update Patch: 3/31/17

Feature Additions

We are excited to release our first two training games: focus mitts, and speed bag.
  • Focus mitts
    • Enter the ring with Doug and hit the mitts! Test your hand speed, punch accuracy, and hitting power as you complete each difficulty and try to score as many points as possible. Then, you can hop into stamina mode and try to follow Doug’s commands as long as you can! Online leaderboards for stamina mode will be added at a later date.

  • Speed bag
    • Work on your hand control with Doug’s speed bag! Doug will lead you through bag drills where you try to score points by following his commands. Or, you can play free mode to hit the bag on your own without Doug or any score to worry about.
We are also happy to add a few feature additions that the community has asked for:
  • Calorie Tracker
    • You now have the option to enter your weight in the settings menu. This allows you to track an approximation of the calories you are burning. Opening the pop-up menu displays the total amount of calories burned on your save file. It also shows the calories you burned in your current gameplay session. In addition, post-activity screens tell you how many calories you burned.

  • Controller grip option
    • You can now choose a community-requested alternate grip style in the settings menu.

  • Background audio option
    • In the audio settings, you can now choose to allow audio to play when the game is in the background. That means that even if the game is not the active window (tabbed out), you can choose to allow sound to play. This setting is on by default.

Gameplay Improvements
  • Hit detection system revamped
    • Opponents acquire their target more consistently, which makes timing your dodge to “slip” punches more consistent. This also means you can no longer move and wait for some attacks to miss such as Scurvy’s head-butt; you must duck or move as attacks are about to be thrown at you.
    • Opponents now track their punches closer to the player’s head when possible.
    • Dodging is not as strict about forcing you to the “perfect” spot. If you time your dodge properly and get your head/body away from your opponent’s hand, you can dodge in some ways that you couldn’t before.
      • *NOTE* some restrictions still apply to prevent exploitative gameplay (i.e. hook punches still require you to duck, and slashes across the body still require you to lean under them in the proper direction)
  • Crimson Fang rebalanced
    • Players no longer have to dodge as many attack volleys before she is vulnerable.
    • Players only need to dodge her volley cycle once in the second phase, down from twice.
    • Dodge timing on her jump attack is more forgiving.
  • Scurvy rebalanced
    • All attack wind-ups slowed down
    • 4-attack combos removed
    • 3-attack combos moved from second phase into third phase
    • New 2-attack combo added to the second phase
    • Damage of attacks reduced
  • Tri-tip’s flaming uppercut rebalanced
    • Damage reduced
    • Rotation lock-on reduced
  • Round timer countdown interval changed to real time
    • The original round timer’s countdown interval was slower than real time (the game actually had ~10 minute rounds). This was not intended.
    • All saved “best times” were increased to reflect this change. Your best time will now accurately represent real time.
    • Rounds now last 6 minutes.
  • Tutorial tweaks
    • Shortened tutorial
    • Broke the tutorial into two parts: dodging and blocking
    • The blocking part of the tutorial can now be skipped.
    • Added “additional info” tooltips to blocking section of tutorial
    • Adjusted wording for dodge tooltips in dodge section of tutorial for more clarity
Other Changes
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to block Tri-tip’s flaming uppercut
  • Fixed some instances where it was possible to “trade” punches
  • Fixed some instances of characters getting stuck in hit animations
  • The game should now recognize left/right hand assignment properly when you load it up
  • Removed lens flare
  • Added a skip button to pre-fight tips
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and optimizations
Thank you all for your continued support! We are continuing to read all of your feedback as we work on future updates.