Hollow Knight is Now Live!

Thanks everyone for playing Hollow Knight!

Today we’re pushing out an interim patch that addresses various issues.

Our larger optimisation focused patch ( will be hitting early next week, and we’ll be setting it live on the Steam Beta branch tomorrow afternoon. Opt in to the Beta if you’re keen to check it out.

Thanks for all your support, and all the wonderful words we’ve received about the game. We really appreciate it, and we’ll keep working to make Hollow Knight even better! Change Notes

- Reduced slowdown issues around Failed Tramway.
- Initial optimisation improvements.
- Added Cornifer ambient hum and paper trail.
- Fixed Soul Vessel sometimes not displaying on first collect.
- Fix for Kingdom’s Edge soft-lock.
- Fixed Geo collection slow-down.
- Fixed Quick Cast keyboard map not saving between play sessions.
- Increased effects on colosseum Shade location.
- Various small scene fixes.
- Relinked missing dialogues for Lemm & Leg Eater.
- Fixed various spelling/grammatical errors in Game Text
- Restored Cloth event in Dirtmouth.
- Fixed issue where dying in a dream with Joni’s Blessing equipped left you with 1 HP on waking up.
- Fixed Issue with Dash Slash effects sometimes disappearing.
- Fixed an issue where defeating Shade and quickly exiting scene didn’t restore Soul Orb.
- Dream Pin and Bench Pin fixes for map.
- Fixed Collector’s spawned creatures sometimes not dealing damage.
- Fixed issue with Mantis Traitor battle becoming unbeatable.

Note: One known issue as of this version - A room in the Crystal Peak is not displaying on the map. This will be corrected as of version