Chester One v2.2.5 – UI Redesigns and Loads of Achievements

Chester One 2.2.5 is now out! The main thing it brings are some much needed UI redesigns and nearly 250 Achievements. There are also a decent amount of smaller changes made as well.

Visual/UI Changes
  • The Stamp Shop has been completely redesigned and simplified. No more multiple categories, just everything on a nice fun scrolling list. So fun!
  • Redesigned the Style and Chester switching overlays to provide more information about each. Also a bit more visual flair to them now.
  • Sprites now fly away and come back while switching Styles, similar to earlier versions of Chester United.

  • There are now just shy of 250 Achievements in the game!
  • Broken up into multiple categories including
    • Progression
    • Collect-O-Thons
    • Using Special Attacks
    • Too Much Stat Tracking
    • Challenges including Pacifist/Untouched runs, handicapped boss fights, and more
    • Secret/Misc

Gameplay Changes
  • Catching stamps dropped by enemies now doubles their value! Going to be adding in some visual and audio cues to make this more clear in a future patch.
  • Your active Style is no longer changed when hit by something you are weak against. This seamed to be mostly just be causing confusion.
  • Rearranged a few levels on earlier planets to get a better difficulty flow.
  • Moved the locations of a few hidden items.
  • Lowered the cost of the Guaranteed Brain Drop and a few early Chester unlocks.

Bug Fixes/Misc
  • The Spring-Gear at the end of the Bit City Sketch level should no longer randomly launch you to your death!
  • Shooting a flamethrower bullet on Easy will no longer crash the game.
  • Pressing start on the death screen now advances to next screen.
  • Adjusted the levels of a few sound effects that were on the loud side.
  • Reduced the bloom of the BLOCK Style to bit a little less blinding.

Mime Chester
  • His desaturation of the world now causes all damage to ignore the elemental damage system
  • His Super Saturation Special on the other hand amplifies all elemental damage

    That's about it for this patch, 2.2.6 should have some more UI refinements, bug fixes, and ???