Chester One v2.2.2 – Trading Cards added and keyboard controls now for human fingers!

Chester One v2.2.2 is up and running, bringing with it a few small enhancements.

The Big Stuff
  • Steam Trading Cards are now live
    :CupcakeGreen:You:CupcakeOrange:needed:CupcakePurple:a:CupcakeRainbow:whole:CupcakeRed:bunch:CupcakeBlack:of:CupcakePink:Cupcake:CupcakeCottonCandy: emoticons,:CupcakeBlue:right?:CupcakeYellow:

  • Improved Keyboard Support
    The keyboard controls have been completely redone and simplified. Space for jump, X for attack, and Z for special.
    Custom keybinding is still an option though through the configuration tool.

  • Changing Styles/Chesters has been improved
    You now hold down a switch button (S for Styles, C for Chesters, Trigger buttons on controller) to bring up all available options and use left and right to scroll through them.
    The gameplay pauses until you release the switch button, allowing you to think over which Chester or Style to switch to.

The Smaller Stuff
  • Added V-Sync support. You can enable it by launching the configuration tool
  • Made a few small adjustments to the tutorial planet levels to make them a little easier
  • Edited a few signs to make certain gameplay mechanics more clear
  • Adjusted audio levels of a few sound effects that were a bit on the loud side

What coming next?
The two biggest goals on the list-o-things to do are currently adding Steam Achievements and continuing to improve the UI.