Chester One is out on Steam – 33% off

Chester One, the enhanced port of the original 2011 XBLIG Chester is now available on Steam.

Chester One is a retro inspired platformer that lets you change the look and art style of the world around you at the touch of a button. Changing not just how the game looks, but impacting game play elements as well.
Journey to recover stolen cupcakes and avenge the shattered reality of your universe on this quest spanning 40 levels, 7 worlds, 10+ playable characters and 8 swappable art styles!

What's new in Chester One?
  • Higher quality audio
  • Stamps drop a lot more often
  • Steam Cloud save support
  • Slightly improved UI
  • Some small changes to a few enemy types/placements
  • Small adjustments to a few levels

What's on the way?
  • Steam Trading Cards for Chester One should be up within the next few days
  • Steam Achievements are being worked on, hoping to have them up within a week or two
  • Further UI improvements and polish
  • Some content that was cut from the original Chester
  • Full soundtrack release

    What are you waiting for, go grab it grab it grab it!

    Note: The full sequel Chester United is still in development and I hope to have some more updates on that in the near future.