Greetings and Salutations!

Howdy everyone, my name is Ramsis and I'll be rooting around this fine Steam HUB as the admin/community management guy... thing.. Muffalo..

I've been doing a lot of work in stealth lately, trying to keep things clean, running through posts fixing issues or banning those dastardly Tribals out to steal our delicious Yorkshire meat. I probably won't be posting too often as that's mostly up to Tynan but I would like folks to know that there is someone here doing work nine times out of ten and that we do get your complaints.

A bit about me:

I'm a bit of a nerd, love playing RimWorld when I'm not swamped in other games. Favorite feature in RimWorld has to be the intricate medical system. Biggest regret is not being able to install tank treads to my Husky army. I'm big on community and love to help others if possible, I'm sure some of you have seen me on the Ludeon Forums bouncing around and pushing people to behave. (how do you not have an account?)

Games I'm stuck in/chasing at the moment:

RimWorld A17! Wooo gotta sell the product!
Starcraft 2. I'm a casual, I admit it. I'm arcading all day or CO-OP'ing!
XCOM 2, because Long War 2 came out and I hate myself.
Got Wild8, that's a crazy game and feels like Winter RimWorld 24/7

Really excited for two games coming out soon:

Mass Effect Andromeda, because I'm a sucker for stories

SimAirport mostly because I love a good Greenlight and I can get stuck in tycoon games for yeeeeeeears on end. Theme Hospital baby, started it all!

Any who enough of ranting on my end. If anyone needs anything don't hesitate to report problems or PM me on the forums. I'm that Ramsis guy with the red name. Be sure to have fun and enjoy the game everyone, Tynan is one heck of a guy!

Edit: Oh dear lord the friend invites are pouring in! I regret everything!

At the request of a few I have made my comments section public on my Steam profile... please be gentle!