Latest Patch (1/27/2017): Play space adjustments and other fixes…

Hi everyone,

We are very happy to release our next patch. Please see the notes below.


This patch WILL BREAK the current saved games file path (it will appear as if you have no saves). This means that, while your current saves are NOT actually deleted, they will not be read UNLESS you manually copy them over to the new save location. To do this:

  • Run the game and make a new profile; once the tutorial loads, you can quit the game

  • Go to your local disk (the hard drive that the game is saved on, i.e. C drive for most users)

  • Go to your program files (or where you put your steam library) and follow this path:

  • Copy the files in that folder

  • Go to the following path: C:\Users\ (your user name)

  • The next folder to open, AppData, is usually hidden. To view it, click the address bar at the top of the explorer window and type \AppData after your user name and press enter

  • Continue onto the following path: Local\Knockout\Saved\SaveGames

  • Delete all the files in this folder

  • Paste the save files that you copied to this folder

You should be good to go after doing that. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Main patch changes:

  • Added a system that allows players to customize where they stand before fights
  • Increased size of play area (please note that the green zone you stand in is simply a guide; the actual play area is larger than that zone)
  • Adjusted opponent distance relative to the player
  • Changed how the menu selection laser behaves to make it easier to select items
  • Added force feedback to blocking
  • Graphics no longer default to “low”
  • Graphics settings are now a part of the profile set-up flow
  • “Hold to exit” message when quitting a fight is no longer attached to the player’s glove
  • Fixed a glitch that prevented blocking and then counter-punching Scurvy’s head-butt attack
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Crimson Fang’s attacks to remain unblockable after her jumping attack
  • Edited dodge tool-tips in the tutorial for clarity
  • Addressed an issue where the fight hub videos’ blue background sometimes flashed in front of the videos
  • Updated in-game credits

*Known Issue with Patch* - Loss screen tips are slightly off-center

Thanks again for all of your support.