Rogue Stormers goes Linux

Since the Steam release of Rogue Stormers in April, we have been working on a Linux version. That port has been finished, and is available on Steam now. It contains all the fixes and improvements we delivered for the Windows version. And more!

At the same time we uploaded an update for the Windows version.  Apart from a couple of bug fixes, it now features multiplayer compatibility with the Linux version, enabling players of both versions to fight the evil Hector von Garg together.

Happy hunting!

Change-Log (3205):

New Features:

Mod blacklist for weapons.
Multiplayer compatibility with Linux version.

Bug Fixes

Audio – intros + outro sound hearable also if the volume for FX / music is 0.
Presto + Suspension Spring Upgrade == No bouncing primary fire
Secondary Weapons Mods: GX Launcher & Healing Grenade + Explosive Overpowered Secondary Weapons Mods: Mods not applying to right projectile.
Local co-op – secondary weapon (recharge per damage) not working for player 2 – 4.
Character changed to Presto if reset the progress during a mission. Now the game exits to main menu.
Pressing and holding secondary fire while the secondary weapon is out of ammunition keeps you from shooting.
Inherit orientation flag not replicated for trigger shapes.
Interface – proper HP bars for Dark Matter (mob); Goblin walker and Battle gate.
Multiplayer – Client – Local player (Host) interface wrong (EXP bar displayed).


Goblin walker kill category. They now show up in the damage count grinder.
Blacklisted perforating for surge caster.
Blacklisted bouncing for moonlight claw.
Removed rusty drill from mods.