Patch Notes for version 0.7.200 – “Onboarding”

Patch Notes for version 0.7.200 - "Onboarding"

New Features:
  • Added Allied Server links - servers with a blue link between/around them must be hacked at the same time, and their minions are allied!
  • Enemies are *much* better at climbing up things, and more of them can be active at once with
  • Completely redid the tutorial, to help ease players into the game.
  • Ziggurat buildings >>
  • Added a loading screen with hints while buildings are spawning
  • Added a glitch effect to the screen when the player takes damage. This can be disabled under Video Options
  • Added more terrain types - now the world isn't just a flat plane with a single hill, it can have many hills of multiple types, as well as some steppes. More to come!
  • Added "pie slices" to the controller inventory and shop menus, to really emphasize that it's a radial menu
  • Added a scrollbar to the controller inventory and shop menus, so you can see how far down the list you are

  • Added a toggle option to stop menu movement
  • Tutorial and UI now understands when you remap keys
  • Reflections now are off by default, and require the highest quality setting. They severely affect performance, so try turning them off if you are having any lag at all.
  • Only new characters go through the tutorial now. Any character can skip the tutorial, but you should do it at least once!
  • Servers you hack, as well as the SHARK, now drop loot that you can either equip immediately or within 3 levels
  • Toggle Heal items now scale 100% better with level!
  • Enemy blood particles no longer glow so brightly in large quantity
  • GITSfish are much better at pushing players out of the hack radius
  • The player can jump higher by default
  • The player can step over taller objects without issue
  • The hack radius now "woops" out toward you when you start a hack
  • There are less dangerous things near the spawn point, such as Dark servers.
  • Items dropped by the player can be picked up faster, especially in single player
  • The controller gui now shows item rarity colors
  • Scrolling through items on a controller is faster now
  • Buying an item with a controller while an empty slot is selected will attempt to equip the item immediately
  • Shops can now be lots of different levels

Bug Fixes:
  • The Puss-Puss super-rare unique minion no longer describes itself as a GITSfish
  • The Kokinator unique shotgun now properly shoots both missiles AND fireballs
  • GITSfish will no longer rocket players up into space
  • The "Boosh" achievement will now only trigger from *player* mines
  • Enemies can no longer fly after climbing a building
  • Enemy lasers no longer make a loud annoying sound when the player dies or pauses the game
  • Info box screens no longer stay visible after their server is hacked
  • The UI no longer switches immediately to the mouse/keyboard UI when the mouse moves a tiny bit (like if the table shakes)

Known Issues:
  • Servers spawning on steppes might hang over an edge a bit, it should be fine

As always, I'd love to hear your suggestions, so please post on the forums, email me, or tweet me! Especially if you have ideas for building shapes or terrain types - as long as it doesn't require an overhang!

That's all for now! Check out the Black Ice Twitter for more frequent updates about the game!

Edit: Just patched a few more things on top of this:
  • Shops will spawn more frequently
  • Shops will no longer spawn above level Finality's level
  • The damage taken glitch effect will no longer invert the camera
  • Light blue (miniboss) servers will show correct colors now
  • Old save files with minions in them will work again
  • Colorized enemies with the Huebris perk should no longer be converted permanently