Change Log: Rogue Stormers

We just released a new patch for Rogue Stormers and this is rather huge. Apart from some fixes of the nastier bugs in the game we also incorporated much of your feedback from the discussion boards. So a special shout out to:  Cool3303, Cartoon Head, DareDevil, ofc, and all you others. Thanks for your support.

Most of the changes and fixes in this patch concern online multiplayer, were we could optimize the gameplay and fix the sync issues. We also convinced to have found the reason for the FPS drops. A fix has been checked in and we’re seeing a visible improvement. But to be sure we will monitor this build for the next days.

Gameplaywise the interface changes now offer information about a character’s current level and the level cap.

Level and level cap info

There are also updates to the way how enemies scale in multiplayer mode. Before the patch we had a global system in place. That meant that regardless of the enemy type – all enemy types would increase in HP, raising the difficulty. The downside was that “cannon fodder” (i.e. goblins) quickly got as powerful and hard to kill like the big guys in single player. To kill them required a lot of ammo and team work. Now enemies scale according to their role: cannon fodder does not increase HP at all – but the tougher an enemy is, the tougher he gets with each new player. Ultimately the bosses will gain the most – making tactical play and team work essential to beating them. Goblins will still try to overrun you with numbers, though. The other thing we changed is the way how loot drops behave. It wasn’t an easy feat to accomplish, given that any additional loot would change the power dynamics of each session towards the players – and highly so. We think we accomplished it with the new system were some of the upgrade types will be occur more frequently, and shops will replenish sold items. Overall that means that every team member now has a decent chance to pick up upgrades, but it won’t turn a team into genocidial super… erm… heroes too soon.

We also looked at how Brecht compares to the other characters. Especially against enemy hordes he would soon have problems, and also handling big guys if they were blocked by smaller goblins. Now lunacy does not only boost the rate of fire, but also adds piercing shot. The plasmarizer’s damage was increased to compensate for the fact that you basically had no weapon while the plasmarizer was charging. We matched the health bar of the battle gates to match the one of the bosses. It’s now, too, a clearly visible health bar at the bottom of the screen.

With the last patch we nerfed the arena. That caused the arena to be too easy…  We raised the challenge a bit again. Now it should work as intended. It also drops better loot now. Level 7 now features 3 new layouts. The town biome :

Bug  fixes:

  • MP – Client: Fixed arena spawner effect now on the correct position.
  • MP – Client: Fixed “start gold + keys not correct”.
  • MP – Client:  Fixed syncing problems in online multiplayer.
  • MP – Client: Fixed SFX for different sources not playing correct or at all.
  • MP – Client: Fixed “invite not working”
  • MP – Client: Fixed Local co-op / special EXP bar missing
  • Fixed FPS drop issue
  • Fixed shield emitter blocking projectiles of minions (drones can shot through your own shield now).


Known issues

  • Crash during mission 7
  • Crash if the player dies

Change Log


  • We now show the character’s current level.
  • Level cap feedback in game when level 60 is reached.
  • Some small translation fixes.

New features:

  • Some loot now scales in multiplayer (prisoners, boss drops, key chests).
  • Loot now gets attracted to player characters, allowing to pull it out of walls and nasty corners (range depends on the loot type).gJGr3G
  • Shops now spawn new items after a purchase.
  • Enemy HP scale in multiplayer according to type (cannon fodder doesn’t scale at all, bosses scale strongest).

Gameplay changes:

  • Battle gates and arenas drop better loot.
  • Polished The Green Baron boss.
  • Brecht’s ability “Lunacy” now adds piercing.
  • The secondary weapon “plasmarizer” has received a large damage buff.
  • Arenas spawn more aggressive.


  • Added more sounds.
  • Changed battle gate health to look the same as Boss health bar.
  • wpAOGR
  • General  level polishing.
  • Added 3 new variations of mission 7.
  • New chunks for the town biome.