Rogue Stormers Final Release Change-Log

Changelog for Rogue Stormers



  • Added perks
  • Added secondary weapon icons
  • Added unlockable background story
  • Separated keyboard and controller for local co-op
  • Characters now level up individually and have a separate collection of perks
  • Characters can now re-roll a perk after successfully completing a play through
  • Characters have to be unlocked by defeating certain bosses
  • Perk’o’lator now active between missions in single player mode
  • Adjusted XP curve
  • Adjusted drop tables
  • Hover functionality applies to entire air time, not just a single jump
  • Autosave function at the beginning of each mission; possibility to continue previous game from start of last mission
  • Added intro and outro
  • Improved player feedback when unable to perform actions (e.g. open chest/door)
  • Optimized aiming with the controller
  • Adjusted standard controller settings
  • Special ability – different icons for different abilities
  • Mission briefings
  • Rebalanced shop prizes
  • Improved loading times 

Level Design

  • Polished and reworked level geometry and layout
  • Streamlined level design and condensed to 7 levels
  • Added boss chamber gates
  • Added additional drop pods
  • Replaced ‘end of mission’ flags with triggers
  • Added destructible platforms


  • Improved NPC navigation
  • Balanced enemy amount and stats
  • Added new boss enemies
  • Mouse Panzer
  • Mørkenrav
  • Hector von Garg
  • Anglerfish
  • Rebalanced boss encounters


  • Polished user interface in general
  • Fixed several minor bugs in the interface
  • Added in-game tutorial
  • Added new character selection pictures
  • Added mission overview in mission loading screen
  • Improved newspaper layout
  • Added new content to newspaper
  • Added story unlocks interface and HUD
  • Added upgrade unlocks interface and HUD
  • Added secondary weapon information in HUD
  • Added perk list in HUD
  • Improved minimap

Video & Graphics

  • Added additional video options
  • Added additional VFX effects
  • Added additional lighting moods
  • Added new bosses
  • Added new splash screens
  • Polished level aesthetics


  • Polished and optimized multiplayer performance
  • Change multiplayer gold distribution to be an even share
  • Split couch co-op and multiplayer co-op
  • Pausing in couch co-op displays who paused the game
  • Players are now teleported into boss chambers when encounter is started


  • Tweaked overall audio
  • Added additional SFX
  • Audio feedback on low health
  • Replaced some old music
  • Added additional music


  • New Steam achievements


  • Added Kickstarter Banners
  • Backers will receive a key to unlock


  • Added localization for:
    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese