“Chroma” Patch 0.7.100 is live!

Patch Notes for version 0.7.100 - "Chroma"

New Features:
  • CHROMA SUPPORT - Black Ice now has Chroma support for Razer Chroma[www.razerzone.com] products like the Razer Blackwidow Chroma - watch as the colors on your keyboard and mouse react to the game! It even has your cooldowns!
  • (and other brands listed here![ledl.io]) Thanks to C63 Industries LEDL plugin for all the glowing support :D
  • Server Visual Update - Server lines now come in more interesting shapes, sometimes with slopes! The lines on them are also much cleaner. I generate the meshes by hand at runtime now! Hurray, trigonometry!
  • Desaturation - The color drains out of the game when you're at low health now!
  • Valuable Information - Weird stories have been going around the grid. Now you can find them and sell them for bitcreds!

  • The main menu GUI has been updated (more awesome work by Metkis) but it's not done yet
  • Pathfinding update - Enemies are better than ever at climbing all over things and finding you quickly
  • The game world now expands infinitely by default in both single and multiplayer. This can be lowered in single player by going to advanced options when starting the game.
  • Physics tweaks to how the player falls and handles slopes - feels better now!
  • Stores are less common now
  • View distance (specifically for servers) is higher now
  • Player Health, RAM, and RAM Regen are higher at level 0
  • Player Health scaling is higher across the board - try a tanky build!
  • Instant Heal items are stronger
  • Jetpacks don't go quite as high now (but are still super fun and useful)
  • Lasbreakers do a lot more damage now
  • The Crosshair is slightly larger and is much easier to see in all situations
  • RAM Returned has been renamed RAM Regen for clarity

Bug Fixes:
  • Players can no longer blink under the hill. If you haven't played in a while, there's a hill now! More terrain later!
  • Holding down the button for an instant heal item will no longer repeatedly play the error sound
  • Falling off a building no longer makes you fall really quickly

Known Issues:
  • Chroma colors current do not understand key remapping - this will be fixed!
  • Valuable Information doesn't display properly on controller-specific GUIs

That's all for now, but stay tuned! I might not always be posting them on Steam, but I'm working on updates almost every day! Check out the Black Ice Twitter for more frequent updates on the game!