The Crash-Smash Update is here!

We’ve heard you, Stormers. The X-Mess update in December made quite a mess for some of you. That’s why our testers and programmers have been working their butts off the last weeks to locate and weed out those pesky bugs that sneaked into the last build. And now they prepared a Fix-It update for all the issues they could find.
Now, as our focus is starting to shift from adding new features to getting a more stable game, we would like to ask anyone that has stability issues to please directly contact our support mail ( with the details of the problem (crash dump, DxDiag) .
The goal is that someone from BFG would then try and resolve the issue by getting a crash dump for the corresponding issue. So just give us a shout and we’ll have someone give anyone a hand who’s struggling, so that we can try our best to hunt down any critical issues together.

Big Fixes
• Crash fix when alt-tabbing from fullscreen mode (mouse pointer)
• Several crash fixes in single player and multiplayer
• Crash fix after trying to transition between later missions

Small Fixes
• Enemy movement code fixes (sliding up walls, not moving correctly, etc)
• Fixed some random gameplay chunks having physics geometry blocking progress in later missions
• Minor gameplay fixes
• Minor interface fixes