The X-Mess Update is here

The newest content update is here. This time we focused on adding more content and balancing existing features. We did consider your feedback after the last update and hope the changes we made reflect that. There were also tons of bugs fixed – too many in fact to list them all.

We also added the abilities for Camille and El Cazador. Camille now unleashes a hail storm of rockets on to her enemies. It’s not targeted, but it covers a huge area, annihilating everything that is unfortunate enough standing in the area of effect. El Cazadors super shot is more precise, as it should be for a marksman. His Striker Bullet is a powerful piercing shot that will bounce off of objects and kill everything in its way.

We’re still working on the other characters’ abilities – expect them to be included in the next update.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get the new bosses into this update. But we’ll give you their images instead, because we’re nice like that. Boss-Encounter-DARTH-MATTER Boss-Encounter-SHARK

So without much further ado, this is what you can expect in this update:

New Content:

enemy types

  • Destructible Turret
  • Elite Melee Goblin
  • Gas Trooper
  • Drill Worm

New Boss

  • Battle Foundry (Mini Boss)
  • Improved Battlegates


  • increased upgrade item count to 73
  • Unique icons for each upgrade
  • Updated item descriptions

Secondary Weapons

  • increased upgrade item count to 24
  • added descriptions

Changes / Balancing


  • Rehashed all mission layouts.
  • Increased the pool of stone sewer chunks to add variation for missions 1,3,5,7
  • Reduced amount of gold needed for gold chest to 400
  • Changed shop prizes on items to reflect rarity and impact
  • Reshuffled enemy spawns. (Plasma Orc now in mission 1, for example.)
  • Buffed higher level enemies (more hp, more damage)
  • Health is now additive. This means the amount of health now increases equally for each character.

Player Characters

  • Camille: Added Rocket Swarm ability (Unleashes a rocket “hail storm” – huge area of effect, no targeting)
  • El Cazador: Added Striker Bullet ability (Bouncing and piercing “super shot” with exceptional range)

Bug Fixes

  • Xp is counted as intended. Perks are granted again.
  • Brecht’s “Mad Rage” effect now visible again
  • Fixed aiming for deployable turrets and drones
  • Proper steam pack effects
  • Gold amount display now accurately
  • more crash bugs, performance enhancements…