Rogue Stormers December Update

It has been quiet around Die… Rogue Stormers since the Borrisss Update. The Team, especially Schmitty and Borris, were working their butts off to deliver new content to the game.

Next Friday the next update for Rogue Stormers is scheduled and to give you a small glimpse, we captured some images from the current production version. Don’t mind the debug texts, they will be gone once we release it.

What you can expect on Friday (short list):

  • Dozens of new secondary weapons and upgrades
  • We reshuffled how the enemies are spawned.
  • Buffed higher tier enemies health.
  • Added health drop to core explosion – defeating a battle gate or boss now auto spawns a health kit.
  • Added special abilities for Camille and El Cazador.
    • Camille has a rocket swarm.
    • El Cazador has a strong bouncing piercing shot.

Camille’s Rocket Swarm

El Cazador’s Piercing Shot

That’s all for today. We’re going to play some more and post more screen shots in the coming days.

In the mean time, Rogue Stormers is available at Steam: