Borriss! Update

Now that the gameplay represents 90% of what we had in mind with the game when we first shifted our focus to a more roguelike approach, we finally have a base for new content. That’s why we decided to add tons of new stuff to the game.

New stuff

Shops: The in game item vendors sell all upgrades and weapons the game has to offer at fixed prices – though because of limited store space, you’ll only see four offers at a time. You pay in gold, which you find either by defeating enemies, in chests or by finding it within the game world. Some gadgets may require you to give up health (either reducing the current value or your max health for the duration of the raid). It’s up to you to make the decision if that particular upgrade/weapon is worth it.

Chests: Using gambling stations to provide upgrades and weapons is one thing. But it didn’t feel like true gambling. By introducing chests we offer new ways to deliver upgrades and loot. While the loot drop is still random, you can make a good guess on what kind of item or item quality you’ll get from it.

  • Normal chest: These chests contain various pickups and consumables and have a low chance to drop some of the weaker upgrades. These are free!
  • Key chest: have a relatively high chance to contain an upgrade or weapon. It can contain almost all existing upgrades, or consumables. This chest needs a key to unlock it. Keys can be found in all types of chests except golden ones, and are dropped by bigger enemies.
  • Hungry chest: Now these have a relatively high chance to drop one of the better upgrades or weapons, but it can also contain consumables. Opening one of these costs 30 health.
  • Golden chest: They always drop an upgrade, and to make it worth your gold: Only upgrades with positive properties will be dropped. In terms of “coins for loot” this chest essentially replaces the Jackpod you know.
  • Jackpods: One armed bandits! If you use one of these you’re really playing a game of chance. While they are cheaper than golden chests, it’s not certain if they drop an upgrade.

Doors: Doors are usually locked and need to be opened with keys found during the sessions. It’s up to you to decide if you rather unlock a door with the key you found and check out what that room has to offer OR if you use that ONE key you have to unlock a juicy looking chest and gather the loot in there.

New secondary weapons: Secondary weapons should add up to your fire power and ideally complement the weakness of your main weapon. And add variety to the arsenal. We think that the following list is a good start to achieve this goal.

  • Amplifire: Creates a field that alters player projectile damage and range on contact. Also adds flaming property
  • Cluster Grenade: Grenade that creates exploding clusters that are affected by gravity and explode on impact
  • Doomerang: Large bouncing Shuriken like projectile
  • Heal Grenade: Grenade that does an AoE heal. Needs to be manually recharged by killing enemies
  • Moonlight Claw: Short range melee attack. Fast ammo regen.
  • Orbital Strike: Throw a beacon that calls a devastating orbital laser strike. Massive damage long chargeup
  • Phase Disrupter: Destroys all enemy projectiles around you
  • Plasmarizer: Charge shot. Weak short range when not charged. Strong long range when charged
  • Airstrike: Massive air raid
  • Slash: Precision melee attack. High damage
  • Swarm Rockets: Swarm of rockets like the name suggests

New Upgrades: Personal Shields with various features, Jetpacks, Pets (living and mechanical) and more

Maps: Boss chamber, new chunks, new areas, bigger maps, THE SEWERS ARE IN!


  • UI tweeks: Focus on better information management. For example: New Mission Accomplished screen. More information on the loot you are about top pick up.
  • New name and changed intro splash animation…
  • Number of jack pods, weapons and upgrade drops per raid has been reduced.
  • Jack pods: Those will act more like a gambling station. You’ll never know what you get, but you’ll have to insert fewer coins…
  • Secondary weapons do not automatically come with mods. These have been addesd as special upgrades that only affect your secondary weapon.
  • Unique icons for upgrades.
  • No more health refill at the end of a level! Storming the underground is more… interesting now.
  • Item Preview for weapons has now the Ammo ( if it was picked up already ) and the current durability added ( so you don’t need to pick up broken weapons)

Bug fixes:

Way too many to list. Most cover performance issues, crash events and smaller bugs.