tl;dr: We have to change the title of our game Dieselstörmers due to an objection to our trademark registration by fashion label Diesel. Below you can read the full text of our announcement.

a year ago, indie dev Black Forest tried to register a European trademark for the roguelike coop run’n’gun game DieselStörmers. This was opposed by fashion label Diesel, who hold a broad trademark for the word “Diesel” that seemingly also covers videogames. The Office For Harmonization in the Internal Market ultimately accepted Diesel’s reasoning and denied the registration of Black Forest Games’ IP, even though the “Diesel” in DieselStörmers refers to the fuel of the same name, not to fashion or clothes.

This decision has quite an impact on BFG. After all DieselStörmers, which was funded through Kickstarter and released to Steam Early Access in July 2014, saw good progress with multiple updates since its initial release – the latest one on September 11th. The game was well on its way for its final release.

Black Forest’s Managing Director Adrian Goersch comments: “ This decision has caught us with our pants down. We are quite surprised that our trademark application has been formally denied. We are no multinational corporation, we cannot fight this decision, even though, frankly, it is a disaster with indie marketing as difficult as it is today. But the history of this game and our company as a whole has been marked with tough challenges and we will manage to overcome this one as well. First of all, we will make sure everyone will be able to keep playing the game, then will come back with a new name.“

About DieselStormers:

Dieselstörmers combines roguelike action with gorgeous 3D graphics, classic platforming character controls and RPG elements into a game of over-the-top mayhem and team play.  It features procedurally generated levels, a divers upgrade system, character perks , local, as well as online multi player for up to 4 players and a lot of old-school run’n’gun action with modern 3D graphics.

About Black Forest Games:

Founded in 2012, Black Forest Games is an independent game studio focused on high-quality video games. The studio is based in Offenburg, Germany, and currently employs a team of 40 international industry professionals who specialize in building games for all major game platforms. For more information on Black Forest Games please visit the official website at