The Green Baron Change Log

Update Time. Instead of a series of blog posts describing what we did in the Green Baron update, we decided for one, a huge one to represent this update. It, again, changes, and adds, a lot.

Character Images and Backstory:

Brecht, Stabbygale, Presto, Camille and El  Cazador are now included with pictures and their unique armor style. Since they already “joined” the game in our Surprise! Orcstorm update, we won’t go into much detail. But since then, we tweaked the individual characters a lot. So expect them to play differently than before. This process will go on in the future as they will continue to be balanced for some time. But! The days of generic Dieselstörmer icons are gone. This also means that the character models of all five Störmers are now in the game. It should be mentioned, though, that Presto, El Cazador and Camille are still missing their unique cool down abilities. Luckily they can revert to Brechts rage for the time being.

New Local Multiplayer and improved menus:

We fixed local multi player. Before, players had to join a single player game and were forced to play as the same character as player 1. Now you can open a multi-player session and have local players join and select their favorite character. Provided you have enough controllers, of course. That weird bug where keyboard control applied to all characters in a local game is gone, too.

We also improved the character selection menus to make them a) prettier and b) contain more and useful information. You now know exactly which permanent perks each character gathered in previous play throughs. The pause screen will tell you the perks and upgrades you collect during your current session.

The Green Baron Change Log

New Exploration Layouts and Mini Map

We worked on the way, how level maps were build. Our system now allows for a wide range of different layouts. The chunks are oriented in the grid system of each map. But instead of filling up the grid in order, they are now placed in a more random fashion. See screenshots below for an explanation. To help navigate through the new maps, we included the much wanted mini map.

The Green Baron Change Log

New Arena and Battle Gates

In order to offer new challenging areas into the game, we included new “arena zones”. They are special chunks that will close down and challenge players with an “Arena Boss”. What happens is that once you trigger the arena, all exits will be blocked. To open them up again, you’ll have to defeat the arena boss – and that enemy horde that will zerg you for as long as the arena boss is alive.

The Green Baron Change Log

New Enemies

Our team continued to work on enemies. Especially in higher levels, you’ll see bigger and meaner foes going after you. But you’ll also be attacked by completely new enemies. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Cherubs act as healers, to your enemies. They’ll support mobs by either healing, buffing or add to their aggressiveness. They spawn from level 4 and upwards.

Flying weapons or shield platforms. These weapon platforms either combat players or assist enemy mobs by covering them with a protective shield. The shield is impenetrable by weapons fire from the outside, but players can pass it and hit the platform from within the shield sphere.

Add to that Dark Matter enemies, exploding suicide goblins, two-headed orcs that split in two on death and continue to attack you, and many more. You have to reach the higher levels to see them, though!

And of course there are the new bosses. Read the change log to find clues to even more of them which will be introduced in the next updates of Dieselstörmers.

The Green Baron Change Log

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Best of Change-Log:

There were more than 400 lines in the change log. Meaning: more than 400 individual changes, additions, fixes and improvements since the last update. Some only minor, some major. To spare you the digging through all this, we decided to skip the minor ones and give you a best of. (Which is still a long read.)


  • Improved ammo display for secondary weapons.
  • Included new character pictures.
  • Added first tracks of the new soundtrack.
  • Visual marker to indicate that special ability is ready.
  • New HUD graphics.
  • New network symbol used by multiplayer character selection menu.
  • Locked characters functionality. (Yes, you’ll have to unlock the characters at some point. Enjoy playing El Cazador for free as long as you can.)
  • Added Orcopter boss (aka The Green Baron).
  • Red weapon repair symbol now animated.
  • Ancient ruins boss chambers.
  • Added small dispensers to the boss antechambers and tweaked the positioning of all dispensers/pickups.
  • Added the blunderbuss to the list of weapons that shouldn’t spawn a perforating upgrade.
  • The Green Baron’s boss got a proper intro.
  • The rage overdrive to all wip characters as a placeholder.
  • “Unlock” functionality for char selection screen.
  • Added the Mine Launcher to the game


  • Activated cheat codes. (For us. Testers need them now. No! You can’t have them. Yes! We’re teasing you.)
  • Background picture in main menu
  • Improved MP selection screen
  • Moved boss health bar to bottom of the screen
  • Decreased the camera zoom by a nudge.
  • I saw red levels and I wanted to paint’em black …
  • Improved upgrade sponging: falling-in / out smoother and longer
  • Improved weapon bar and repair symbol at low weapon status
  • Iterated look of chunks; especially the lower wall
  • Made falling-in a bit slower. Dieselstörmers complained about hurting backs.
  • Only the first player triggers the battle gate. Team players are automatically teleported to player 1.
  • Replaced perk list with icon list
  • Set the maximum slope angle for player characters to 55°, up from 45° …
  • Sponging icons disappear faster when not collected
  • Squid Taxi Bonus Rocket
  • Tweaked animations
  • Tweaked appear animation + text placement
  • Tweaked colors for better distinction for colorblind people
  • Accelerated all periodic hazards to trigger more often, but with a much shorter duration.
  • Adjusted BGT turret positioning. Top and bottom scrap piles no longer despawn on BGT destruction.
  • Adjusted Brecht and Cazador HP.
  • Adjusted difficulty settings.
  • Adjusted elemental bits and heavily reworked lightning bits.
  • Adjusted global ragdoll impulse multiplier to smaller value
  • Adjusted global ragdoll multiplier to a higher value
  • Adjusted large arena camera zone.
  • Adjusted orc weight classes and weights.
  • Allowed platforms to move on the Y axis to prevent potential bugs.
  • Allowed “The Walking Dread’s” beam to hit NPCs, reduced the max range to a chunk’s length and gave it a force class and value.
  • Altered Camille’s shot pattern
  • Assigned proper shield to goblin walker. That poor fellow complained a lot, so we gave in to him. Not that it will help him much, though.
  • Boss-spawned goblin rioters now have a 5% chance to spawn a repair kit and a 5% chance to spawn a secondary weapon. They still think we’re making them the mutant medics…
  • Buffed surge lance back to 150 (optimal case) DPS.
  • Cleaned up and updated generic one-shot spawners.
  • Cleaned up battle gate triggers.
  • Cleaned up dispenser/pickup folder structure.
  • Created a dispenser that guarantees a med kit.
  • Created a quest prisoner who spawns a quest banner. It ensures that the quest item always drops to the ground, no matter where the boss may be.
  • Created an impelling upgrade for primary weapons that doesn’t increase projectile speed as much. Lowered projectile speeds for the primary motor gun and cannon to compensate for the speed increase.
  • Created cursed weapon variants.
  • Created sub chunks and selectors for different bosses (currently two).
  • Aim component support for stationary turrets.
  • Allow NPCs to be pushed into the forward plane
  • Boss announce Interfaces
  • Death effects on shark body bits.
  • Lots of new camera behavior
  • New power core for battle gate
  • New splash screen for the Green Baron.
  • New ragdoll should look better now. Hand Squid has ragdoll impact modifiers too.
  • Sharkipede body components hit box fix
  • Increased fire hazard hit box width (PC now can jump higher and has a guaranteed dash).
  • Increased mine trigger radius from 150 cm to 250 cm and buffed the damage from 80 to 100.
  • Increased NPC explosion damage from 20 to 100.
  • Increased pause between waves from 8 i.e.4 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Increased range of sequential spawners.
  • Increased shotgun force value from 100 to 125.
  • Increased the major upgrade ratio to 1:3 instead of 1:8. The boss now drops three minor upgrades instead of a major one.
  • Increased the scarcity of random major upgrades from 1:8 to 1:10 in relation to minor upgrades.
  • Increased turret projectile speed from 375 to 1430 (orc plasma speed). Rate of fire remains un (screen is actually less cluttered with higher projectile speed).
  • Iterated on health bar (boss bar, loca). Replaced placeholder target with battle gate core.
  • Iterated on PC weapon damage. Lowered secondary weapon DPS from 4x primary DPS to 2.5x primary DPS. Some cleanup for primary and secondary weapons.
  • Loca for the first three cursed weapon variants.
  • Lowered all sharkepede multi-hit timers to zero (even values of 0.001 completely crippled the shotgun). Lowered small sharkepede HP from 80 to 60.
  • Lowered HP boost from 30% to 25%.
  • Lowered HP recovery from 40% to 30%.
  • Lowered multiplayer damage scaling from 250% HP for four players to 175% HP.
  • Lowered PC run speed upgrade bonus from 10% to 5%.
  • Lowered rocketeer curse speed multiplier from 5 to 4.
  • Lowered small sharkepede HP from 80 to 60.
  • Lowered spawner HP threshold from 3 to 0.67.
  • Nudged reward locations.
  • Nudged rewards to a more visible location.
  • Raised upgrade purchase cost to 500 gold.
  • Reduced number of spawns per one-shot spawner from 2 to 1.
  • reduced Orcopter perception range
  • reduced ragdoll impulse for motor gun
  • Reduced the force class of proceed mines from 5 to 4.
  • Reduced vortex duration from 4 ticks/0.75 seconds to 3 ticks/0.5 seconds and minor damage.
  • Removed Camille’s speed debuff.
  • Removed reward spawner from battle gate towers. Arena reward spawners are now guaranteed to spawn a major reward. Removed squid taxis – workaround is no longer needed.
  • Removed sub chunk prefab actor code from test pickups.
  • Removed the boss beam from the battle gate (will be featured on harder versions).
  • Removed the force class boost from the cursed weapon.
  • Small dispensers now cost 100 gold to activate and can potentially drop 250 gold (10% chance).
  • Mines now bounce off enemies before exploding.
  • Moved spawned object groups a little closer to the middle to mitigate collisions with walls.
  • Nerfed surge lance damage.
  • Nerfed surge caster damage.
  • Nerfed the battle gate tower and increased the base attack interval from 1 second to 2.5 seconds.
  • New contact tag for despawning the arena target visuals.


  • Deleted obsolete content.
  • Deleted obsolete loot tables.
  • Deleted obsolete sub chunks.
  • Deleted obsolete triggers.
  • Deleted empty sub chunk prefabs that were causing memory stomps.
  • Made HUD no longer distort on narrow resolutions / externalized health bars
  • a leftover bit of actor code within the geometry file…
  • a trigger hit box that was too large, resulting in the arena triggering from outside.
  • an issue with HUD wandering off screen when aspect ratio (resolution)
  • erroneous loot drop assignments.
  • erroneous string IDs.
  • hover jets has an s at the end
  • misaligned new NPC sub chunks.
  • missing Black Chunks below Level 2 Boss chamber …
  • no longer distort on narrow resolutions
  • re-animated perk/description swap button
  • rioter goblin shooting behavior
  • some issues with the new UI
  • splorc weight class and weight value.
  • Stabbygale picture
  • the bug that in Local COOP the Keyboard was used for all Characters
  • vending machine offset.