Welcome the NEW BOSS – JOINING forces with the old boss.

This Friday we will release a new update for Dieselstörmers. It will include all the changes we made in the Gamescom 2015 “show floor build”. After the show the continued the work on Dieselstörmers and added even more features to the game. They span a variety of topics – from general performance to local coop, HUD optimization, new enemies – and an additional boss.

The NEW boss is what we’re discussing today:

Up until now – Walking Dread – aka the Goblin Gearmech was the only boss in the game. As a towering mechanical monstrosity, it gave your Dieselstörmer a hard time. Or not if you had enough upgrades.

After Friday, he will get company. The Green Baron will join the fray and begin handling out a proper beating. Which boss you are up against is, from then on, random. An intro screen will tell you which one awaits you, once you start the descent into the arena. Not that should intimidate you, of course.

Since the bosses are not easy to defeat, we made it a bit less painful to fight them. Some of the HUD elements that are shown during the fights have been improved to offer a better readability. For starters, the boss’s energy bar is thicker, so a glance is all it takes to see how much of a beating he still needs. Information on your HUD is much more intuitive and clear.

Walking Dread

Once known as the chief scientist to the Duke of Ravensdale, Dr. Hugo von Diesel was the driving force to find ways to mechanize the Goop. But being exposed to the mutagenic gas for too long, not least because Duke Hektor of Ravensdale made sure he was, he turned into a weaselly Goblin. A goblin that is still able to control a humongous giant killer robot, that is.

The Green Baron:

Welcome the NEW BOSS – JOINING forces with the old boss.
Before the Duke of Ravensdale turned him into a monster, the Green Baron served as treasurer of Ravensdale. He still serves in this position, but developed kind of a nasty habit of melting Dieselstörmers with molten gold that streams out of the tanks of his helicopter.

And don’t think that we will stop with these two darlings. More are on their way and are already waiting to be included.
Apart from them bosses, the team worked hard to add to the variety of enemies in the game. There are three new mobs challenging you in the higher levels of Dieselstörmers:

Welcome the NEW BOSS – JOINING forces with the old boss.Cherub: Toss an Angel into the Goop. What could possibly go wrong? Well, Cherubs are the medics of Ravensdale. Unfortunately they work for the other side. Whenever they appear, they start buffing your enemies and healing wounded foes.


Shield Sphere: Who says only Dieselstörmers have access to protection? Your enemies have to, and they just brought their shield spheres into position. They come either stationary or moving – either way, everything inside one of the red-glowing spheres is untouchable by your weapons. Luckily you can get inside – and blast this dreaded device to kingdom come.

Dark Matter: What they are. Where they come from, is shrouded in mystery. One day those dark matter blobs started to appear and it soon became apparent that they didn’t come in peace. Whenever they sense the presence of a Dieselstörmer they haul guided missiles at them.

We’ll have more to come tomorrow.


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