Black Ice Patch 0.7.002: Bugs Crushed!

Alright! It's been a little over a week since I released the giant 0.7 patch and showed off the game at RTX, and a few of you have reported some bugs. So I took this week and focused entirely on fixing bugs! Here's what I got done.

  • Steam Achievements are working again! Your achievements from the demo should transfer over to the full version
  • Slowing projectiles no longer cause enemies to rocket off into space
  • Minion items can no longer have a minimum damage which is higher than their maximum damage
  • Homing projectiles no longer track friendly minions
  • Spider Mines no longer corrupt saves
  • Visual quality settings now load on startup
  • The Ice debuff goes away faster
  • Minions are now colored white properly
  • Mines now color properly (so you can tell friend's from foes'!)
  • Enemies no longer set off each other's mines when in the same faction
  • The extremely rare random framerate losses should no longer occur. If you see issues like this, please delete and redownload the game (you can copy your saves out first, but the Cloud Saves should re-download them). Apparently Steam doesn't update the game properly.

  • Shops now restock every 5 minutes instead of every 1
  • While in full screen, the game no longer darkens other windows (good for streaming!)
  • The quality settings are now numbered from worst to best (0-5, 5 being best)

That's all for this week! Thank y'all for supporting the game.

Happy Hacking! :webcrawler:

Black Ice Patch 0.7.002: Bugs Crushed!