The Surprise! Orkstorm Update

Our newest DieselStörmer Update, “Surprise! Orkstorm” is now live.

Our main focus in this update rested on enemy behaviors and finding new differentiators for the existing NPCs. So far we distinguished between them based on their level, with this update we introduce different roles for them. This also affected a ton of important changes on how often and when enemies spawn, and how they act.

So each of the major NPC races now has a variety of sub-variants that look and act different, according to their new found purpose. Some of the super-annoying types (Hello, ballon goblin!) were seriously nerfed in that process.

Robocopter shooting at stuff

We also included new NPCs. So prepare to meat(!) some new guys that you’ve never encountered before. Like Robocopters, Micro Sharkipedes, and even an Orkish Goblin Thrower, tossing Goblins from a cage on his back. Super fun to watch, but devastating on impact!

The Surprise! Orkstorm Update
An Orcish goblin-thrower in action

Talking about devastation… We also made some changes to “environmental hazards” within the game. On the “good news side”, we significantly reduced the frequency of ordinary damage hazards like fire and lightning faucets. We’ve also reduced the impact of fire, to make it a bit less overwhelming.

But! Just so your life doesn’t get too cozy, we added some new dangers into the mix: namely Flying Mines and Buzzsaws. Have fun with them! The Surprise! Orkstorm Update

Also included are additional underground level chunks, along with an area blocked off by a new Wall Guardian that you’ll need to pummel your way through, with, according to rumors, another boss hidden down in the depths, too. The Orcs only speak of him as the GigaShark, but refuse to say more.

Last but not least, we’ve expanded on our upgrade system. Upgrades now have different rarities that apply either to you directly, or one or more of your weapons. Currently there are 27 different upgrades to be found.

Additional changes:

  • controller camera updates (look ahead, slower snap)
  • shot amplifier for Brecht
  • new NPC behaviors
  • added a wall that fights back
  • NPC active/inactive state handling

and fixes:

  • clear runtime data on restart
  • ammo max mods multiplicative rather than additive
  • rebound mod no longer has x0 dps adjustment
  • NPCs turn to right, addresses animation glitch
  • moving hazard support
  • players can no longer use class abilities while dead
  • fixes for the multiplayer join bugs

So, a hell of a lot changed with this update. For the better? We think it gives the game a new edge and makes it challenging as well as fun. We would like to know what you think of this update.