Weekly Journal – 30/06/2017 – Sneak peeks of our next and last major content update

Hi everyone,  

Things are going well in the old Compulsion factory. We are working and planning the August update… and something else 😉  

As you know, the Joy related update will be the last major content update before the final release of the game. Some key features of that update are: new UI, new Joy effects, fast travel, AI overhaul and much more! But let’s not spoil it all, we need to keep some of it for the update release video 🙂  

Lately a lot of players have been asking us why we didn’t participate in the Steam sale, or in sales in general. The reason for this is because the game is currently already at a reduced price for Early Access, both because the game isn’t finished and also because we’re holding back the main story content of the game. We make a point to mention it periodically, but the price will go up as we get closer to the final release of the game. We also believe that discounting now would not be fair to the Early Access and Kickstarter players that have supported us so far, when the game had even less content than it has today.  

We want to be as open as possible with you guys about our decisions and always make a point to explain them. If you have any questions about why we do things, we are here ready to answer.

Art Team  


Today I can proudly show you what I have been working on for the past week. Tree variants!  

I know, I kind of showed you some WIP in another weekly but this time I’ve finished the different leaf and bark textures and they are spawning in the world.  

This is gonna change the way the Garden District looks and hopefully will make the game feel better and more alive.


These past two weeks, I’ve been doing the ground floor lobby of a very special upcoming encounter. It is my first time working with a brutalism interior and it’s been really fun to experiment with the architecture style! As we move into the new biome, buildings are much taller which allows us to create very nice shapes and composition. For the lobby, I created forty-five new custom meshes, including a new set of railing and new textures, such as marble for the floor.  

But… this location is so special I can’t show it to you guys. Be patient and one day you’ll get to discover it! Today I’m moving to the upper floors of said encounter. I have a good vibe about this! It will be one of a kind.


Hi everyone!  

I don’t post very much because my days generally consist of meetings, spreadsheets, reviews, feedback, planning, collecting references, crudely painting over 3D locations, and hastily throwing together concepts collaged from random photo sources that are purely for internal reference and in no state for public viewing. That’s the sad truth about so much concept art. Either that or the concepts are for unreleased, super secret and exciting locations that we can’t talk about 🙁 So I apologize, but rest assured, we’re very busy working hard to make the game beautiful!! And soon, I promise, we’ll have beautiful concepts to show.


Well shucks, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. I’ve been knee deep in UI mockups and meetings for what feels like an eternity now, but things are starting to take shape in a really sexy way. Here’s the Map screen and Fast Travel screen Mock-ups I finalized not moments ago!  

I was featured with Michael in a video about the new Inventory Screen a couple of weeks ago, but what the video failed to include was Clara’s heavy involvement in its development and realization. This is entirely due to the fact that Clara is the one making these videos, and is too camera-shy to take any credit for the great work she’s doing, so shout out to Clara. You go, Glen Coco.  

Speaking of Clara, together we’re juggling back and forth between the other UI screens AND some faaaaaaaancy fancy 2D animations (unrelated to the UI screens), so stay tuned!