v0.7.47 and Battle Update news

Hello, survivors!

We’ve prepared patch-notes for today’s update, and along with it, some news about the upcoming major update.

We’ve done a lot of work on a new and improved combat system, coming to The Wild Eight in version 0.8 – however, due to constant work on improving the stability of the game, we need to take some more time.

We’re expecting 0.8 Battle Update to be released in the first half of December, so expect to hear more news about it soon!

0.7.47 Fixes:

– Fixed remaining death-related issues in old saves, where character’s models didn’t animate properly.
– Fixed matchmaking issues, which led to characters not being able to join a server or pick up items in-game.
– Fixed an issue, which had the game not recognising the player has a Generator in “Wrong Place at The Wrong Time” quest
– Fixed a synchronisation issue of rocket’s trajectory in “Priosners” quest in multiplayer
– Fixed an issue in “Dark Matter” quest, where opening the door did not initiate the countdown timer.