v0.6.9 – it’s all about fixes


If you recently played in The Wild Eight, you may have noticed some new bugs which are a result of massive rework of some in-game systems. Thank you for your patience and constructive feedback! We’re now putting all our time to fix them, and this update is a first big step to it.

What’s done:
  • Fixed a bug where player couldn’t use a generator at the Hydra-1 radio station;
  • Fixed a bug where items stored in player’s shelter tended to disappear after his death;
  • Fixed a bug with both the shelter and the workshop displayed as already built, even if player had them packed up;
  • Fixed various multiplayer crashes, related to the incorrect reading of the server’s day counter.

In progress:
  • Fix for incorrect use of generators on fast travel system stations;
  • Fix for Incorrect world generation in The Door quest;
  • Fix for missing tiles, located at the 34:6, 34:8, 34:18, 34:28;
  • Fix for various multiplayer bugs, related to incorrect storage of information about content of the chests and pre-made boxes in the bunker;
  • Fix for player being unable to pick up any items in multiplayer game;
  • Fix for incorrect extraction formulas for wood and ore gathering.

Next patch is coming tomorrow.