• new locations: World Tree and Tranquil Grove. This time we have been building around Dream Forest. Some of those will open during campaign or when you find a item:

    World Tree and Tranquil Grove
  • new: several conversations added, e.g. dialogue after capturing Lord Azil.
  • new: improved ending for greenskins. Unique sprite for King William will be added when ready:
  • new items: Bard’s Lute, Teddy Bear (who will find it first?), Golden Apple, Black Pearl, Clan’s War Drum, Cat’s Amulet.
  • new: an extra arena fight (Forest campaign).
  • new: permanent wound indicator on unit bar.
  • update: embedded Java updated to JRE 1.8u152.
  • update: hint for using melee attack when ranged acid attack in ineffective (Forest campaign).
  • update: hint for Terror.
  • bugfix: battle accessible from World Map have internal team size limit.
  • bugfix: Sacrifice did not increase MP above MP with bonuses.
  • other: will all the changes being done and other improvements, I am thinking of pushing price up a bit for AOF series. It will help us to deliver better quality graphics and voiceovers. It’s not definite yet – just giving you heads up.