The Long Dark — Patch 6 Is Now Live!

STEAM PATCH 6 For The Long Dark — Updates the game to Version 1.08 (32384)

WARNING: There may be Story spoilers in these notes.

* Memory and performance optimizations.
* Fixed issue where Methuselah may not trigger correctly in certain circumstances in Episode Two.
* Fixed issue with "Hank’s Hatch" side mission in Episode Two.
* General fixes to various cinematics.
* Fixed issue with players teleporting when exiting the Lone Lake Cabin in Episode Two.
* Fixed issue where players could get stuck in Grey Mother’s Fuel mission in Episode One.
* Fixed issue with text jittering on some screens.
* Retuned Food and Fuel requirements of respective Grey Mother missions in Episode One.
* Fixed camera crashing during Climb and Harvesting animations when FOV is over 90 degrees.
* Fixed a variety of annoying collision bugs throughout.
* Fixed issue where the Flashlight’s "high intensity" setting was ineffective against Aurora Wolves.
* Fixed endlessly feeding Wolf in Milton.
* Fixed issue where players could sometimes get stuck in a dialogue sequence.
* Fixed issue with overlapping text in the Give Items portion of the Trust interface.


We’re continuing to fix additional issues as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience.

– The Hinterland Team