The Long Dark — Patch 5 is now live!

STEAM PATCH 5 For The Long Dark — Updates the game to Version 1.07 (32337)

Patch 5 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Full changelist below.

WARNING: There may be Story spoilers in these notes.

* Fixed issue with Rope Fall section of Episode One, where players could get stuck due to a scripting bug.
* Improved cover flow UI for Episode Selection to make it more obvious that there are two available episodes.
* Fixed issue with Aurora probability in Survival Mode. Auroras should now appear more reliably.
* Difficulty tuning of Wolves in Episode One. Struggle should be more survivable for new players.
* Fixed some camera popping in Episode One cinematics.
* Fixed scripting error in "Fix My Rifle?" that could create mission logic issues.
* Fixed issue in Bear Hunt mission where the Ear would not spawn under certain circumstances.
* Fixed issue with Mackenzie clipping through the chair in some Episode One cinematics.
* Fixed issue with missing Milton Knowledge strings.
* Fixed issue with not being able to pick up the Bear Hide in Survival School.
* Fixed issue where the note with the Code would not appear in "Hank’s Hatch" side mission.


We’re continuing to fix additional issues as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience.

– The Hinterland Team