Steam Patch 8 Is Now Live!

Steam Patch 8 Updates The Long Dark to v1.12 (32503)

WARNING: There may be story spoilers in these notes.

* Fixed issue preventing "Lake Gunshots" mission from completing correctly.
* General cinematics polish.
* Clarified Survival School "Harvestable Plants" mission requires adding plants to crate outside Jeremiah’s cabin.
* Fixed issues with Distress Pistol animation.
* General memory optimizations.
* Fixed issue where storage container in Lodge appeared to be interactive when it was not.
* Fixed issue where duplicate Trust option appeared for Grey Mother.
* Fixed issue where Torch Blueprint would not unlock correctly when starting a fresh Episode Two game.
* Fixed issue where players could return to Milton after completing Episode One.


We’re continuing to fix additional issues as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience.

– The Hinterland Team