Patch v.0.3.4: Easy Mode and lot’s of fixes

Hi, Ivan is here. Latest patch we’ve uploaded today has both very important bug fixes and new features you’ll enjoy.

Most important:
  1. Easy Mode is now available! The effects of hunger and cold are reduced. All learned skills and structure levels retain after players death
  2. Animals will stop chasing you after some time
  3. Added 4 variations of start location

  1. Now the confirmation window will pop-up when you try to delete the save file
  2. Additional Medkit was added to the start position
  3. Polar Bears will return to their positions when you leave the Hydra-1 radio tower
  4. Added indicator of Campfire’s and Furnace’s HP
  5. Quest list in Journal now shows all side quests in the game (colored in grey)
  6. We fixed most of the places which were reported as stuckable
  7. Added 100%-death zone at the bottom of canyons
  8. Increased amount of lootable items in the side quest "Dark Matter"
  9. Small visual and audio improvements

  1. Fixed bug with black screen / no UI after loading save file
  2. Fixed bug with asynchronous time of the day in Multiplayer
  3. Fixed bug with unregulated music in Main Menu
  4. Sound/Music volume in the game now will be saved after restart
  5. Fixed bug with items disappearing from Shelter’s inventory
  6. Fixed bug with wrong count of Shelter’s inventory slots
  7. Fixed bug with no EXP when killing with Bows
  8. Fixed bug with dropping Bone and Leather with equipped Carving Knife but without appropriate skills
  9. Multiplayer – Fixed bug with unpickable items if the host before the creation of this server has got a "Connection Error"

If you want to try new update first you can take part in pre-release testing. Find out details in this amazing FAQ.