Dev Blog #15 – Marketing Struggles, Closed Beta Info, and Single Player Plans

As Kickstarter launches the new Drip, we share the indie dev struggles of how to market our marketing and get noticed in the huge gaming world of Kickstarter, Steam, and conventions. We also have more details about the Closed Beta, and our plans for th…

Islabomba – Ready to Boom available to Hatch very soon

Islabomba - Ready to Boom available to Hatch very soon
We’re proud to announce that Islabomba – Ready to Boom will launch very soon on mobile phones in a streaming game service called games, Hatch, as its first exclusive title.

Save 20% on The Escapists 2!

Hey everyoneIn case you haven’t jumped on The Escapists 2 yet, we just wanted to let you know that the game is currently on sale for the first time, offering 20% off during Steam’s Autumn Sale!…

Corral Countdown 7: Mystery Eggs

Does game theories and mysteries spark your interest? Find out about the mysteries tucked away in Boot Hill Bounties

Ars Tactica – 9 months and 10kloc later

After almost ten months of (unfunded) development a lot has happened!! We are still not ready for early alpha but check out the progress so far.

New Hunter in Alder’s Blood, Occultist!

The creation process of the Occultist. Can you recognise the inspirations?

Alpha 2.0 – Education Loans, Factory and Engineering, and Transport Options

This update features the new education loans, the factory location and engineer career path, and new transport options.