Introducing the Neocore Account and Neocore Store

How’s it going, Fellow Hunters? We sure hope you’re enjoying The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut. Since the release, we did some patching, and will continue to provide support and fixes, but there’s also something else to talk about if you haven’t noticed yet.

Right here, on this very site, you may have caught a glimpse of something called the Neocore Account in the top right corner. And you might have noticed in the upper menu a new entry called “Store”.

So what are we up to?

Introducing the Neocore Account and Neocore Store

Neocore Account

At this point, Neocore Account is the name of the registration on this site. With this one Account, you’ll be able to comment on the DevBlog and the Forums, there will be insider offers, discounts exclusively for members, priority notifications, closed beta-testing opportunities, and you can also use the Neocore Store with it.

Get more information how and why you should register: Neocore Account. There will be more developments here, so stay tuned.

Neocore Store

Our very own webshop! Here you’ll find our products, right now all the Van Helsing games with their DLCs and Deathtrap. For now, you’ll receive a Steam key, if you’re buying here, but you’ll also show support buying directly from us.

We plan to release our future products here as well, so check it out if you’re interested, and make sure you tell your friends about it: Neocore Store.

Introducing the Neocore Account and Neocore Store

Both these new features on our site are now functional, but still developing, so we want to listen to your suggestions how we can improve these new services. We hope you’ll like these developments, and please share your insights if you have ideas!