Digital artbook available now

Hey everyone, we have an update on the Digital artbook reward– if you backed for the digital artbook tier ($30 and up), you should now be able to find it in your Humble reward page! It is a PDF file, and best viewed in a side-by-side 2-page view or 1 page at a time. Bill spent a fair amount of effort putting it together, trying to be comprehensive but relatively concise. We hope you like it!

┬áSpeaking of, Bill is trying to determine if there is some interest in a small physical print run of the book. The specs would be an 8.5×11 inch, full color, hardback version (127 pages) for $25 (before whatever tax/shipping that may apply). Some photos of it were in the previous update ( You can leave a comment here, or email him ( or ping him on twitter if you’re interested. This would be sort of an informal show of hands, not an exact count. (Those who backed the physical artbook tier would get some kind of additional bonus).

We are also hoping to potentially include the artbook as part of a special edition of the physical run of the game with Limited Run Games (in addition to the regular game-only version). The LRG release will occur after we get the Vita version of the game released digitally, of course.

Speaking of the Vita:

Robert has done a lot of work reworking some of the code to prevent memory crashes on the Vita. Initially testing is promising so hopefully we will have some good results to share soon.

Lastly, on a few more Physical Rewards and shipping:

Bill hasn’t heard back from everyone who backed for physical rewards to confirm their address, BUT! If you have responded to confirm, he has shipped rewards to backers in North America. International shipping is taking a bit longer because he is having to go through a few more steps, but if you confirmed your international address, those rewards will be sent to you shortly.

Thanks everyone!!