Devblog 172


A new roadmap, nicer snow, recoil, balance, optimization, and more.[]

  • Fixed long tundra grass patches sometimes not being grounded
  • Fixed culling throwing errors in safe mode
  • Re-enabled shore wetness
  • Fixed rounding errors with resource gathering
  • ConVar "player.recoilcomp " now works for learnable recoil
  • New snow biome textures and meshes
  • Reduced garbage collection frame rate drops throughout the game
  • Updated multiple item descriptions
  • Increased helicopter searchlight brightness
  • LR300 Recoil stays vertical for longer
  • Search Lights are half price
  • Trout yields 8 animal fat upon gutting (was 3)
  • Bone armor costs 1 rope instead of 2
  • Hide clothing is half price
  • Added Flare to helicopter searchlight
  • Added Flare to Flashlights and Laser Sights
  • Added Flare to Deployable Searchlights
  • Removed a bunch of stack trace spam from the game log