Stores vs. Developers vs. Customers vs. Publishers

All of the major game stores (Steam, GOG, Origin, Uplay, itch, etc) serve different groups at the same time, many of which have competing interests.

Player-Friendly Atomic Game Modding

Modding is often difficult and error-prone for both user and consumer, but it gets even worse if you try *combining* mods. We try an improved method.

Farewell Greenlight

Hi Folks, After seeing the news tweeted by @tha_rami a while back and after reading about the demise of Greenlight on various game…

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Steam Discovery 2.0, Stegosuaurs Tail 2.0

Steam just launched Discovery Update 2.0, and it’s been a long road getting there. We provided five years of detailed stats & graphs on how it’s changed.

Spellbind just got its first major update

Spellbind was released on Steam a year ago. The steam community reviews and the direct messages we received led us to a major update. This update includes the new English texts corrected by a native speaker. We have also added steam cards, emoticons, badges and a few profile backgrounds. We hope that all these, along […]

Van Helsing & Deathtrap – Steam Winter Sale!

Greetings, Hunters (again)! If the Countdown deal wasn’t enough – the last big Steam Sale of the year is also live! What a time for Hunters, what a glorious time! Grab one of the titles or the entire collection of acclaimed Action-RPGs The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and Deathtrap for the fraction of their full […]

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December’s Quest

Steam Controller support comes to Defender’s Quest, DQII update, and have some free open source board games while I’m at it.