Farewell Greenlight

Hi Folks, After seeing the news tweeted by @tha_rami a while back and after reading about the demise of Greenlight on various game…

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Spellbind PC version available for download

Spellbind is a  first person point-and-click  adventure game available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Players play the role of Luppe, a young thief who enters the cellar of Lord Amatar’s house to steal his oldest, most expensive bottle of wine. A challenge that sounds easy and possibly might be so, if only the owner of […]

Spellbind is coming to PC!

Spellbind has already been downloaded more than 6K times since March and has received some quite useful feedback that made us realize the strong aspects of the game. Therefore I decided to start porting Spellbind to desktop machines. I wanted it to be a raw and quick port, without effort, so Unity seemed to be […]

Launch Date Announced: July 3rd!

Shattered Planet is coming to Steam, Desura, and Humble on July 3rd for PC, with Mac following on July 17th! Both will include Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards. Humble and Desura will offer a DRM-free option. If you have … Continue reading

Vote for Premium Shattered Planet on Steam Greenlight!

Shattered Planet is coming to Steam! Plus, we’re going to be adding three new features, unique to the premium version: Class system – each clone skin will have a different special starting ability Daily Challenge – earn Crystals by trying … Continue reading

March? When did that happen!?

Hey Folks, Well another chunk of time has flown by here at Desktop HQ and we promised you and update on why…

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Briefly Looking Back Before Charging Forward

I had originally meant to post this on my birthday a few days ago but a blizzard over the weekend with record cold temperatures followed by rolling blackouts necessitated by a sharp increase in demand on our electrical system and then ultimately a province-wide blackout for a few days kinda put a damper on any […]