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Update #78 – July

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The Long Dark is Here!

The Long Dark 1.0 has now launched! 

You should all now be able to use your Steam keys to access Episode One and Episode Two of WINTERMUTE, The Long Dark’s story mode. 

We sent Steam Keys out to all backers back in 2014, but if for some reason you lost the email with them or are having other issues collecting your key, please contact us at so we can help you out.

To celebrate the launch, here is the launch trailer, along with a short live-action “visual poem” called Elegy, which we produced to both celebrate the launch, and also support the announcement that The Long Dark is being developed as a film.


If you run into technical issues, or would just like to join the discussion about WINTERMUTE, please visit our new Community Hub.

– The Hinterland Team

Did You Know: Twitch Stream

Way back in our early days, Missing Worlds Media made a Twitch channel. We used it to show developers at work, concept artists working, and even roundtable discussions. But it was really too early for such constant exposure, and it was distracting the devs, so the channel went inactive.

A lot has happened since then. Volunteers have come and gone and come again, management and internal structure have shifted in our search for the most effective formation for our very unusual corporation, but most of all, we have made progress. Sometimes that meant throwing out something that wasn’t working or had been replaced by something better, but always, we have been moving forward. And now City of Titans has reached a point where we could reconsider that Twitch channel.

About two months ago, we experimented with running it again. Response was good, so we kept at it. The inevitable early fumbles and stumbles have worked themselves out, and the Missing Worlds Media Twitch channel is now a weekly peek behind the curtain, an opportunity to see under development content and learn how the sausage is made. If you don’t mind what might possibly constitute spoilers for launch day, we invite you to answer the call Fridays at 7pm Pacific (10PM Eastern). And if you’re not sure if this is your cup of tea, we invite you to check out our Twitch Highlights Reel, showing off the best points of the past two months.


Brought to you by the City of Titans team!

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Tom Stillwell, the writer for CoT’s webcomic

will be at the 1st annual Chicago Retcon August 12-13th. 

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The Long Dark — Launch Trailer is Here!!

Dear backers,We’re happy to share with you the launch trailer for The Long Dark:

Also, we’ve posted some information about Ratings and Ship Dates per territory.Thank you for your patience all this time, and we hope you find it has been worth the w…

Probably soon…?

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Art Book Preview, GOG, and Sales

Hey everyone, we just wanted to announce that Cosmic Star Heroine is now live on! The game is on sale for its launch during a GOG RPG-focused promo week.

The game is also available on sale on PSN for PS4 for Sony’s Totally Digital promotion; 33% off with a 50% off for PS+ subscribers. Good time to tell your friends!

We also wanted to start getting the other digital rewards out. We’re starting with the smaller stuff, so we have the avatars/wallpapers ready and will be sending those out shortly.

We also wanted to say that Bill has completed the Cosmic Star Heroine artbook. It’s called “Cosmic Star Herione: Art & Assets.” It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the game’s art and asset development, and has tons of commentary and artwork (about 127 pages). Here’s a sneak preview!





On the programming side, we’re focused on getting the Vita version ready first. The problem is that the game runs fine at first, but eventually runs out of memory and crashes so obviously we need to fix that before releasing it.

Until next time!