Wed May 31 ’17 Announcement from Lords of Xulima


We are excited to announce the latest project we have been working on all this time, They Are Billions!  


What kind of game is They Are Billions?

Imagine a world devastated by billions of infected humans after a zombie-like apocalypse. You must build colonies for the few surviving humans. The colonies must defend themselves against swarms of the infected that roam the world using retro technology because all knowledge has rewound back to that of similar to the XIX century.

They Are Billions is a strategic game where you build colonies and armies and manage resources. As with Lords of Xulima, there is no single game as the main inspiration. It shares aspects from the classic RTS like Starcraft, city building and resource management like Anno or Age of Empires games, army management and tactics like war games, and even some tower defense games. Combined, you get a unique playstyle, just like how Lords of Xulima was.


Our main goal with this game was to simulate a realistic scenery of a zombie-apocalypse. We have worked hard to evolve our old Lords of Xulima game engine to become an ultra-performance machine. The engine can move up to 20,000 units simultaneously smoothly. And every unit has their own AI and personality. The infected have a natural behavior: they react to sound and activity, they watch what other infected do, and share their tension and feelings like a swarm. Just imagine, when you start a new game and begin to build a colony, the world generated already has thousands of infected roaming.

We want the player to feel that oppressive atmosphere, feel the colony is surrounded by thousands of infected, and consider that every step to expand the colony to reach a new resource or to grow the colony can be lethal. Combine that oppression with the constant fear that it only takes one infected to break into the colony and cause the infection to spread exponentially.

As you already know, we love hardcore games. They Are Billions in this regards is similar to Lords of Xulima – it has a lot of depth, is fairly easy to play but very difficult to master. We are sure that LoX fans will love it, give it a try!

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Fri Mar 24 ’17 Announcement from The Mims: Beginning

Hello dear supporters 🙂

We would to inform you that Jakub Machowski, Art designer of our game started to work on New game called “End of The Sun”

He decided to record GAMEDEV VLOGS from production of the game. Every vlog CONTAINS ENGLISH SUBTITLES .  Videos will be about creating game in small team. If you are interested you could watch video HERE. We hope you will like it 🙂


What type of game is that?

End of The Sun is first person Exploration/ Adventure Video game placed in Slavic world with fantasy elements and mystery but sometimes also funny story.


If you would to stay up to date with VLOGS and other news from End Of The Sun game production you could follow project on:

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Wed Mar 22 ’17 Announcement from Lords of Xulima

The Sequel: More casual or more hardcore?


Recently, there have been some hot discussions in the forum about if the sequel of Lords of Xulima would be more casual to attract more potential buyers or more hardcore to please the old-school fans. So we would like to talk about this topic and clarify this aspect before the rivers of blood flood the forum. 😉  

First, don’t confuse Accessible with Casual

A game can be more casual or more hardcore independently of their accessibility level. Lords of Xulima is big, challenging and deep, with lots of mechanisms and possibilities but, it is very accessible. It is very easy and simple to play (move the avatar, talk with NPCs, disarm traps, level up, combat…). We dedicated a lot of work to achieve that level of simplicity of playing. On contrast, old-school games seemed much more hardcore than they actually were because of their obscure and awkward interfaces.

We will always try to make the games as accessible as possible so any player can play it, but with the same level of challenge and depth as they were originally designed.

Was Lords of Xulima casual or hardcore?

Of course, we would never say it is a casual game but it was also not designed as a hardcore one. We wanted to align it to the feel of the old-school games like Wizardy 7, Might and Magic, Ultima… Were those hardcore games? We wouldn’t say that. They were challenging. There was no hand holding, no tutorial, not linear, and they were complex and deep, but they were not hardcore at all. For us, a hardcore game is one that is mainly designed to challenge the player and always try to make him fail so only players with a lot of experience and a lot of understanding of the game mechanics can advance and overcome those challenges. That is what happens in most roguelikes or others like Dark Souls.  

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Tue Jan 31 ’17 Announcement from Lords of Xulima


Some more words about CRPG elements and the sequel.

Linear or Open Worlds

In Lord of Xulima, the world was open in essence. From the beginning, you could go wherever you wished. Of course, you could die very easily, adventuring yourself into too dangerous regions. However, we set some few specific barriers in several places mostly in the first part of the game.

There were two types of barriers, ones that were only powerful guardians like the army of the impious princes that protected certain regions. Those barriers weren’t impossible to beat without triggering the events that removed them (killing the corresponding prince) if you had a very powerful party. The other barriers were fixed and impossible to beat until you got special items or did specific things. For example, the Ulnalum Guardian that prevented to enter in Varaskel or the Yul statue in Rasmura that protected the bridge access with a halo of darkness.

We set those barriers for two reasons. First the story, the story was more coherent if the main story dialog was played in its natural order. Second, it was to avoid the player from getting lost too soon. In LoX’s earliest version, we first tested with no barriers at all. The testers wasted a lot of time trying to figure out where to go, what areas they could explore or were too dangerous. Ultimately, they became frustrated very quickly. In contrast, with those few barriers the world continues to be very open with lots of things to do, the story flows better, and the player is not overwhelmed by so many options at the very beginning.

As with any design decision, this one was sometimes criticized by the most hardcore players and at the same time, the game was too obscure for other players that got lost as soon as they reached Velegarn (indeed, most of them died on the road to Sorrentia; do you remember that lovely ogre?).

As always, it is impossible to please all players, so we will be loyal to the essence of Lords of Xulima and its old-school spirit. For the sequel, we will continue with this philosophy but improve the world openness as much as the story allows us to. The world will again be vast and dangerous. We want the player to explore and experiment without adding artificial barriers. You will be free to roam wherever you wish or your survival sense allows you.

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Sat Dec 31 ’16 Announcement from Sierra Ops – A Space Sci-Fi Action RPG

2016 Status Report

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year! 2016 was not really an ideal year for us, as we had to patiently wait through things which cannot be rushed. But hey, the long wait has paid off, as they are about to come to fruition! 

We’ll be incredibly busy once we’ve shown you the new opening movie this early January. Please look forward to it 🙂

Youko‘s almost done with the major routes with almost all endings covered. She’s worked very hard to make Sierra Ops something worthwhile to play and read.

Tooaya’s also done with all the updated Backer sprites.

Now before anything else, we just want to say we’ll be adding an option in-game to choose between the new vs original designs.

We believe having this option has a charm on its own, and doesn’t really ruin anything. Players who prefer the original sprites can enjoy tcwoua’s designs, while players who prefer Tooaya’s can enjoy playing the game with consistent art style w/respect to the CGs.

John Doran

Amethyst Waters

Erwan Hellouin

Graham Tyson

Reinhard Radetzky

Harrison Brown

Simon Bulens

Arnel De Leon

Mikha’el Brandr​, Iriela Isabelle Manyard, and Mineko Roger

Natalie Puccile, Sera Morgenstern, and Calvin Duell

Christopher Punska, and Azure

Yuuna Tsukikawa


We’re aware that we’ve taken so long to finish the damn game, and were not going to pretend what we’ve been doing so far is really okay for our backers. Because of this, we’ve decided to accept refund requests from backers who haven’t received a single reward from the campaign. We’ll process the requests 2 months after Sierra Ops’ released on Steam.

Updating and Scheduling Issues No More

We admit our incompetence when it comes to meeting deadlines and posting updates. It’s ironic that for someone like me(Jason here) who’s handled a couple of VN Kickstarters to fall short in this. To be honest, me and kemeo have become so pessimistic about Sierra Ops that we had to shift our focus elsewhere to freshen up our creativity for the project.

We’re really glad Youko‘s nearly done with the entire game script, which means it’s safe to continue coding the game scenarios without worrying about possible major revisions. This also means we can show something worthwhile every month from now on, at least! 🙂

Thanks to everyone who’s been following our updates through social media or by contacting us directly, to everyone who’s criticized us and helped us grow, and to everyone who’s simply reading this while celebrating New Year.

Have a great 2017!


InnoMen Productions Team

Sun Dec 18 ’16 Announcement from Reset

Launch postponed. In 4K.

Mon Nov 07 ’16 Announcement from Vivid Vision: a VR system for Lazy Eye

We are pleased to announce that we are releasing Vivid Vision Home through clinics who have our Vivid Vision Clinical. Doctors at those clinics will now be able to prescribe home use of our system to their patients.We are also releasing an updated beta…